carpool dilemma

Remember the guy in Steev’s carpool who is trying to get his driver’s license but flunked out of his driving test? Well, he retook the test and passed.

Hurray for him, his parents, the other kids in the carpool and their parents who will be rid of their logistics problem once and for all 😕 ! Now this is the part where I say, good for you but this is where my problem begins.

Steev wants to continue carpooling in his friend’s car, just to avoid taking the bus. I’m saying no. DH also said no in the beginning but has since been ‘sold’ on Steev’s argument on “what are the chances of an accident happening?”

I totally disagree with this argument. I’ve just read about a 17-year-old who was killed the other day when he lost control of his car. Seventeen is the legal age for driving so this guy had to have been a brand new driver.

And I’ve seen how these youngsters drive without using their heads. And with girls in the car, I guarantee his brain is going to be someplace else.

What do you think I should do?