what is tuition doing for/to your child?

My girls only attend a combined total of 3 tuition classes per week. I don’t believe in signing up my kids for every tutoring session that’s available out there.

To me, that’s unnecessary and paranoid (or kiasu to use the colloquial term) and in an indirect way, it’s telling they don’t have to take responsibility for their academic performance because if they don’t do well, “the tutor’s no good”.

Parents expect the tutor to perform miracles and blame them (instead of their own kids) when their kids don’t achieve the expected results. This, in part, has led some tutors to take on, what I call, the ‘evil stepmother’ stance and be a complete monster with the kids.

To me, that’s entirely the wrong approach. You want to instil a healthy interest in learning in the kids and make learning fun, not instil the fear of the almighty (read: tutor) in them to force them to produce the results you want!

Sadly not many teachers or parents here have the slightest clue about child psychology. Getting a string of A’s isn’t everything either and certainly doesn’t mean your child is brilliant.

Many tutors make the kids memorize essays word for word and regurgitate them in exams to ensure problems of English grammar and vocab are nicely taken care of. Many kids have developed highly creative ways to cheat to please their parents and teachers.

Is this really learning? How good can any of these techniques make a child? Quite honestly, I shudder at the thought 😯 . Yet tutoring is a multi-million dollar industry here and some tutors make more money than CEOs in big companies.

Kinda makes me wonder what we’re doing to our kids, eh?

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