hey, Backstreet Boys!

backstreet boysThe Backstreet Boys are coming to town. The girls are big fans (Raine likes AJ, Skye likes Howie?, Mom likes Nick and we miss Kevin) and sure, they want to go. So do I, to be honest 😉 . It’d be neat.

The ticketing people tell me this is a free standing outdoor concert, which would’ve been fine if we were in the States.

I’ve only been to concerts there and it’s all good and safe. They even check inside your coats for alcohol at the gate and tell you to leave them before you go in and all through the concert, there’re security people milling around all night.

But locally, I don’t know, I’ve never been to a concert here, so I really have no way of telling how good the sound system, and more importantly, the crowd control is. So far, I’ve read more bad reviews than good. So.

We’re not sure if we’re going. I’m not sure. I’m apprehensive about getting us into a jam-packed sea of teenagers. Which would be fine if everyone behaves themselves. IF. So maybe we’ll see you guys on your next tour or when the girls go to college in the States? Stay cool, dudes 😛 .

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