expecting and the unexpected

Okay, this sort of hit us from out of the blue. One of the kids’ uncles has recently had a shotgun wedding and we’re still shell-shocked 😯 .

This is the kind of stuff that we (or at least, I) have grown up believing only happens with celebs. But this is my children’s real-life uncle we’re talking about. Not good. But much as I hate to admit it, these things do happen.

So what’s a mom to do but launch an ad hoc pep talk about pre-marital sex and that getting pregnant/getting someone pregnant before getting married is a big no-no. Certainly not in Asian society! It’s simply not done. It’s taboo as far as our family goes.

Now this is one topic I didn’t cover when I talked to the kids about sex education. So I was really, yes really, surprised at what my girls had to say when I asked if they think it’s okay to have a baby before marriage.

Skye (12 going on 24): Why can’t they wait till they get married to have a baby? 😯

Raine (barely 15): It shows they don’t have self-control or self-respect. If you can’t respect someone else, how can you respect yourself?

Um, I think that about sums it up for us right there.

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