at what age should your child start pre-school?

It looks like my niece (aged 3.5 years) and nephew (aged 3) are both in school. And they’re not the only ones. It’s common for kids to start school at around age 2 these days.

Am I imagining things or are kids indeed starting school (albeit nursery school) earlier and earlier in life? I’m doing the math here. That works out to be 4.5 years in pre-school !! Wow, I’m wondering if that adds up to too many years in school.

My kids had only 2 years of pre-school (which we thought was plenty at the time!) and already they were pretty bored by the second year. I was working fulltime at the time. If I’d been home, I would’ve used that time to teach and bond with them.

But as it was, I thought pre-school would be a good place for them to pick up some social skills and discipline to prep for ‘real’ school. That was literally the only reason I sent my kids in 2 years ahead of time.

I’m no early childhood expert but my experience as a mom tells me that 4.5 years is overdoing it! Kids learn fast these days and they get bored easily. I agree each child is different but I’m inclined to think that in general, less is more.

If one of the parents is home with the kids, I don’t see any reason for sending them to school so early. Their time could be better spent on learning activities with the parent, like going on field trips, doing art and craft and the 3Rs.

What are your thoughts? Do you think starting at 2 is too early? What age did your kids start pre-school?

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  • Sharon

    I absolutely agree with you. I understand that full time working parents often don’t have a choice but to put their kids in a daycare/pre-school setting while they are at work. Those who do have choice should rather bond with their children and allow more play dates that their children can develop their social skills as well as their imaginations and creative skills. I belive parents have gone a little crazy and over program their children way too much. They don’t have a chance to be children anymore. It is very refreshing to find a mom that feels the same way.

  • cube

    I feel sorry for those little kids going into preschool so young. I wonder what the burn out rate will be for those kids when they hit middle & high school, having been in school for such a long time.

    I was fortunate enough to stay home with my kids until they started kindergarten, but it does take living with less fancy stuff for a while. Some folks don’t want to do that.