people you don’t want to see

When you see relatives you only see once a year, of course, there’s lots of catching up to do. Although many of us live in the same city, we’re all so busy with our own lives we hardly meet. Which is a good thing too sometimes.

Less gossip equals fewer problems. I think it’s the same in every family. Not everyone is necessarily excited about seeing each other, sometimes even once a year is too much.

Personally I don’t appreciate those adults who give kids ideas, suggesting things they shouldn’t be doing. I mean, it may all start out as a joke but there really are some topics that I feel are off limits (my limits, that is).

You would think that being parents themselves, these folks should know better. But they don’t and that’s what irks me. Jokes are meant to be funny. Theirs aren’t and I sometimes wonder if they’re made with malicious intent 👿 .

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