got our cake and ate it too

You know, I wasn’t going to be doing any Chinese New Year baking this year because I’m just too darned beat from all the running around I’ve been doing since school reopened last month.

So I was just going to go with store-bought everything this year. We bake every year so the girls have grown up associating baking to CNY, and sure, they want to bake at least a simple butter cake this year.

Okay, I suppose I can handle that. So we went out and bought the ingredients. But they’re still sitting in the kitchen. We had some last-minute grocery shopping to do this morning.

And tonight, I’ll be cooking the reunion dinner. Luckily we happened to stick our heads into the deli and saw the lady packaging freshly-baked cakes into boxes. The smell was heavenly.

We were thrilled when she offered us some pieces to try. Yumm. We were immediately sold and I bought a marble cake and two butter cakes which were still piping hot by the time we got home.

We couldn’t resist and chomped down half of those cakes for tea. So we got to eat our butter cake without even having to bake it ourselves.

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