how to ensure your kids eat their veggies

Veggies is one thing that almost all kids balk at. My kids were no different when they were younger. Ever heard of hate on first sight 😀 ? I could never figure out why – is it the color, the taste or the texture?

But whatever it is, you still should try to build veggies into their diet. But how? Hide them, of course. Making veggie soup is probably the easiest way.

Or you can blanch or steam the veggies, then throw them into the blender to make an unrecognizable mesh of green and incorporate that into chicken patties or spaghetti sauce or whatever you’re making.

If your kids are into fruit juice, that makes it real easy. Throw carrots or raw greens into their mixture to blend. They’ll never know the difference.

As my kids got older, they also got wiser and it got harder to camouflage the greens. Besides it was getting to be too much work for me, so I started cutting the veggies into chunks.

The problem with big chunks is that they’re so easy to isolate. In fact, my kids got a big kick out of picking out the veggies and making a mountain of it at the side of their plate.

But if you dice or shred the veggies, it’s almost impossible to isolate the bits so they end up screwing up their faces but eating it anyways. And Mama scores a point!

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