don’t like it? just pass the buck…

If you’re thinking of carpooling, be warned that other parents may try to avoid doing their runs by dishing out all sorts of lame excuses. One morning, no one wanted to send the kids and they ended up waiting for a taxi which didn’t come. And then, and only then, was one mother forced to drive them. Funny how she “couldn’t make it” at first but finally could when forced to.

Sure, no one likes to be stuck in rush hour but look here, guys, if you agree to do it, you’d better stick to your end of the bargain. Some parents think they’re above all this running around and keep trying to pass the buck.

The thing I don’t appreciate is that just because I don’t work outside home, they try to push everything to me. I will do my part and maybe even go out of my way to be nice but please don’t expect me to be your children’s chauffeur. I’m not. You got a life, so do I even though I don’t have a donkey’s job to go every morning. And it’s my prerogative so don’t try to dictate what I do with my time, thank you very much.

What kind of message are you sending to your kids? That if they agree to do something but later find it’s unpleasant to them, they should just dump their responsibility onto someone else?

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