logistics nightmare in the works

Finally my logistics schedule is taking shape and today is going to be just one heckuva crazy day :roll: . I know, I know, it’s taken this long, two weeks to be exact, to finally get a halfway decent schedule worked out.

That’s because Raine’s extra-curricular activities at school start this week and Skye’s next week, and there’ll be more as we progress into the next semester.

We finally got Steev into a carpool where me and a couple of other parents are sharing the driving. So I thought we got all that sorted out and I was just about to heave a sigh of relief when I heard the carpool will be breaking up next month when one of the kids gets his driver’s license and starts driving the rest to college :shock: .

But Steev won’t be in that car because I really can’t trust my son to a brand new driver. I’m sorry but not happening! So we’re going to have to rework the logistics when that happens. Duh!

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