all grown up in a week

In spite of all this moodiness, I notice Steev seems to have grown up a lot this past week since he started college.

He handled the add/drop by himself after I had that first meeting with his teachers. By the way, his add for Subject B has been successful so that’s one less worry off the list.

He’s eating lunch out sometimes with friends, sometimes on his own. Wow, on his own!! It’s not something he’s ever done this before.

This year, I had nothing to do with buying his textbooks. He did it all by himself. Not that he couldn’t have before. I know he’s fully capable, just that I’ve always been driving him to the bookstore and accompanying him practically everywhere.

Now he even walks from college to the road junction where I pick him up. I have this thing about keeping a close eye on my kids so I’ve never allowed him to walk around on his own.

But now, when I see this strapping 16-year-old walking up the road to my car, it makes me such a proud mom. My baby’s all grown up! I don’t know if I should laugh or cry :smile: .

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