licence to make mistakes

For the past few mornings, I’ve been driving Steev to his college which is clear across town. Getting there takes a half hour but coming back takes me smack into the middle of the morning traffic and an hour long drive to get home.

Then I have to go pick him up again in the evening. This is wearing me out. Seriously. So we’ve been looking at different alternatives to resolve this problem.

Now Steev says we may have found a solution. One of his friends will be getting his driver’s licence next month and has offered to give him and a couple of other kids a ride.

OMG, I hear it but I don’t believe it. My first instinct is no. A kid who’s just gotten his driver’s licence driving my kid on the highway through heavy traffic way across town 😯 ??!!

Not happening! I’d much rather squat in two hours’ worth of traffic each day. I’m not sure who the other kids’ parents are and how they could ever allow him to drive so soon.

A driver’s licence does not (unfortunately) come with experience and quick thinking and reaction. It just gives you permission to get out there and make all the mistakes you never thought you’d make when you were learning to drive.

As a parent, what would you do?

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