close-minded and uncompromising

I had a talk with Steev’s teachers about dropping one of his classes in favor of another. We’d not been aware that he need not take this class but could’ve opted for another instead.

Lecturer#1: So why do you want to switch to subject B?

Steev: Because I feel subject A is too basic for me. B would be more interesting because it’s completely new to me.

Lecturer#1: But if you’re good at A, then you’ll be able to score well so you should stay in the class.

Yes but wouldn’t he be terribly bored listening to a whole semester of stuff that he already knows like the back of his hand? Besides why would he take a class where he’s going to learn nothing new? It doesn’t make sense.

Scoring is one thing but not at the expense of wasting his time and our money. To be quite honest, Steev is a whiz in A and is probably even qualified to teach this class. I’m not boasting, it’s a fact.

Teachers should encourage learning and open-mindedness but sadly colleges are so commercialized these days they’re only interested in students scoring A’s just so they can use them as an advertisement to boost the image of the college.

Lecture#2: We had a student who was like you. He was very good at A and wrote a very impressive answer in his final exam. But he failed because he wrote too much!!!

Huh? Excuse me but that sounds a lot like curbing the talent of the poor child. Maybe he wrote above the comprehension level of his lecturer who, not understanding the half of it, decided to fail him instead to save his/her own face.

It’s happened to my daughter Raine before. She wrote a beautiful essay in her English exam but was given a borderline pass simply because her English teacher didn’t appreciate her excellent grammar and/or couldn’t understand her advanced vocab. Her classmates who wrote in poor grammar and vocab topped the scores. It’s tragic!!

I was absolutely stumped by the lack of logic in what Steev’s teachers had to say. They sounded terribly close-minded and rigid and unable to accept the opinion of others. Not to mention that their knowledge is so outdated they don’t seem to have a grip of the real world outside the classroom.

Or could it have been because I was wearing a casual T-shirt and jeans and so what I had to say counted for less because of the way I was dressed? Darn, I should’ve worn my sequinned gown and diamond rings! I hear these give added weight to what we have to say :roll: ?

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