first day of school blues

Today has been the longest day and it’s only the first day of the new school year. My 3 kids are all in different schools in this year. Steev has just started college which is over 10 km away through some of the busiest stretches of rush hour traffic.

I’ve been up since 4:30am getting breakfast ready. We had each set our own alarm clocks and they all went off one after another. I wanted to get an early start since it’s hard to know what to expect on the first day especially with regards to driving Steev all the way out to the boonies. I have no idea what rush hour would be like going to that part of town.

After dropping off the two girls, Steev and I headed straight into the morning rush and found ourselves hopelessly stuck right off the bat. Ten minutes at the lights and we turned straight into cars backed up for miles.

Finally we got onto the toll gate and it was smooth sailing from there. Whew! In fact, I was pleasantly surprised I managed to get Steev to the college gate in less than a half hour.

It was pretty nostalgic for me. I remember taking his little hand and walking with him into school when he was seven. Now he’s a strapping sixteen year old and I was content with just wishing him a good day at college. I would’ve hugged and kissed him (like I do the girls) except he wouldn’t allow it in front of all those other college kids 😛 .

Coming home, I got stuck in an hour-long jam. I was dead tired and sleepy. I got home, checked my emails and then promptly fell asleep for an hour.

I made barbecued pork chops and mixed roasted vegetables for lunch. But between going to pick the kids from school, I finally only got to eat my lunch at 3pm by which time my tummy was in knots.

I spent the rest of the afternoon listening to the kids’ stories and mulling over how to get all of their schedules into a straight line. Then there’s the fees and other school books and supplies that are never on the book list but which are mandatory to buy.

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