like the first time

I hope y’all had a more interesting Christmas than I did. I spent mine in bed with a thermometer sticking out of my ear.

Well, the fever’s finally blown over after it got tired of playing games with me. It feels great without the fluctuating temperatures, dizzy spells, aching joints, non-stop sneezing, persistent cough and everything else.

After days of gulping down yucky gooey oatmeal and tasteless water, my first real meal of saltless steamed broccoli over rice never tasted so good.

Today I had my first sip of tikuanyin and it was singularly the most beautifully soothingly bitter tea I’ve tasted (in the past one week!). I’ve used three adverbs there almost consecutively in one sentence so you know I’m serious!

I haven’t left my house in a week. I was forced to drive to the corner store to pick up Steev in the torrential rain one afternoon and when I got home, my temperature went through the roof.

So that will teach me to sneak out of the house. I haven’t dared set foot outside since then. But then enough of that silly self-imposed house arrest.

Tomorrow I’m forced to head out and make a trip to the mall, of all places. I’ve been slack. I still haven’t gotten the girls’ school supplies and school starts in a matter of days!

Duh! Malls! Such boring and crowded places! I wonder how people can stand going there 🙄 !! I’m going there because I’m forced to (not because)


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