if your kids hate veggies

Most kids hate veggies. What I used to do was hide the veggies, in any way, shape or form, in other food.

Like I’d grate my carrots finely and hide them in my spaghetti sauce and the kids would happily lick their plates clean. Green veggies are a little harder to hide because of their telltale color.

But what I used to do (and still do) is to keep exposing them to the sight of these veggies and keep encouraging them to eat even the smallest portions of it.

Steev will only eat one veggie – broccoli so that’s what I keep adding to my pastas. Now all three are so used to seeing broccoli featured as part of their pasta that they’ll eat every last bit.

The fact that lettuce is so much a part of burgers is great because they’ve gotten used to the taste of it. Now I can add them seamlessly to my homemade burgers and they’ll just take it for granted.