cod liver oil for persistent coughs

Skye’s been having this on-and-off cough since round about June this year. I’ve taken her to our family doctor a few times. The cough would go away for a while, then come back again.

Although our doctor doesn’t make it a habit to dish out antibiotics, I still didn’t like the idea of her taking so much medication on a regular basis.

So I bought her some cod liver oil ‘plus’. The ‘plus’ version comes with Vitamin D and is supposedly more potent than the regular version. After taking one capsule a day for a month or so, her cough was still coming around on and off.

That’s when I decided to double her intake. The instructions were one or two capsules a day. So I thought why not go for the max and see what happens.

It’s working! She’s been on double dosage for more than a month now and her cough is gone. She herself can feel the difference. I just bought her a new bottle last night.

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