at what age did your kids start school?

We started Steev in kindy when he was five thinking it was the place where he could go to learn some social skills. Being first time parents then, we just went with our gut feeling that five was a good age.

But Steev quickly became bored with the repetitive nature of kindy learning where he had to keep repeating the alphabets, nursery rhymes and stories he’d already heard before.

He started walking around the classroom. He was a quiet little guy so he really wasn’t disturbing anyone. He just needed something new and different to fuel his quick learning mind.

His teachers knew him too well and would let him wander around to the bookshelf behind the class to quietly read a book. Sometimes he’d just look out the window deriving some strange inspiration from there, I suppose 😆 .

When it came Raine’s and Skye’s turn at kindy, we only enrolled them when they were six. We’d learnt our lesson with Steev, so we decided one year of kindy is enough even though our well-meaning friends and relatives tried to convince us otherwise.

Everyone we knew was sending their kids to kindy at 4 or 5 years of age. So they were convinced our kids would be missing out a lot by starting school so late.

How old were your kids when they first started school?

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