get your kids off their butts

During the last school holidays, I declared that one week to be Exercise Week. I’ve tried various ways to get the kids to exercise but without much success. So I had to come up with something more exciting, you know, like a challenge.

Teens love a good challenge most of the time though it’s sometimes hard to tell when that is, because they can be so moody.

But surprisingly my Exercise Week turned out to be somewhat of a success. We managed to work up a sweat at the gym for four out of the five weekdays. I consider that to be good *pats self on back*.

During the few weeks that Steev was having his exams, we all slimmed down due to various factors – exam blues, stress, eating out less and rushing around more.

But since the last day of the exams, we’ve shifted into school holiday gear – shopping, eating, playing computer games, sleeping late and waking up late and generally being lazy. So those extra pounds are coming back 😕 .

If your kids are turning a little pudgy too due to the school holidays, you might want to inspire them to do some exercise by declaring your own Exercise Week where you and them will engage in one physical exercise activity a day for a week.

My suggestion is not to be too ambitious. Many of our city kids are adverse to exercise and are hard to drag away from their online life. So see how you do with a week’s worth of exercise first 😉 .

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