geeky weekend

Ack, I’ve been so busy hanging out with the kids that I haven’t had time to blog 😆 . Over the weekend, we were at Suria KLCC because the guys (read: Steev and his dad) wanted to buy up the PC fair 🙄 . Yes, we were there twice in two days so that should give you an idea of how much stuff we hauled home.

We girls tried to catch up with the sales at Isetan and Parkson but we found nothing to buy. Parkson has made itself so upmarket that it’s impossible for mere minions like us to actually buy anything.

I did see a handbag I liked but it would’ve set me back by a couple of thousand bucks 😕 and they were going to sell it to me at 50% off too! How generous!

On the second night, we decided to drop the guys off at Suria and hop over to the Pavilion. Hmm, great place. I like! Especially their international food court which has such a variety of food from different countries we really had a hard time deciding what to eat.

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