aching feet and a baker’s dozen

I spent the whole of yesterday and today doing our year-end shopping. This is the time of year when I shop for the kids’ clothing for the new year. Surprisingly there are more sales on this year than there usually is at around this time.

As the kids grow older, it’s become increasingly less of a chore for me when it comes to buying their clothes. They have their own taste in clothes and know exactly what they want. Even then, the girls and I have been sharing clothes for over a year now. Yesterday we bought 7 tee tops.

Today Steev bought 6 t-shirts in half an hour which is a record in itself. He typically leaves the shopping to me and expects me to know what he wants. Man, he’s turning out to be quite like his Dad who has never had to do much of his own shopping since he married me :lol: .

We’re not done yet. We’ll be going back for more later but for now, we need to rest our aching feet :oops: .