strap your kids in

I was shaking my head when I read that pretty soon, all back passengers will be required to wear seat belts. I mean, isn’t it quite obvious that the first thing you should think about when you get into your car is safety – yours and your passengers’?

My kids will tell you that they’ve never ridden in my car without a car seat or a seat belt. I never have to scream at them because they were trained from the time they were babies. So it never occur to them not to put on their seat belts *smirk*.

You know why I say it’s important to keep your kids restrained in a moving vehicle. Remember everything in your car is traveling at the speed of your vehicle. If and when you brake, everything will continue to move forward for a few moments after your car comes to a stop.

Imagine if your child is unrestrained. In those few moments when the momentum is still in force, whatever is not held down will be flung forwards when the vehicle comes to a stop.

Many people think there’s no need to strap the kids in if it’s only a short distance. The truth is accidents can and do happen near home.

I don’t know what to say about those parents who allow their kids to hang their limbs outside or to run around inside a moving vehicle. And those who drive with kids on their laps (you listenin’, Britney?) and allow them to play with the dashboard, these parents should be smacked :shock: .

Kids are precious. Why take chances with their lives?

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