adults below 12

We did our annual ritual and went to Cosmo’s World at Berjaya Times Square. The funny thing is I didn’t realize how the kids have grown until I take them to places like this where they’re admitted to rides based on their heights.

At the entrance to this indoor theme park, the kids were measured for height. My 3 kids and one of my nieces are now officially ‘adults’ and were subjected to adult entrance fees based purely on their height.

I find this rather ridiculous since the two younger girls are barely 12 and are just tall for their age. Don’t they know kids are much taller than we were at their age?

When we got on the carousel, my two daughters and three nieces all happily climbed onto the ponies and horses. When the carousel operator came around to check, he noticed that the 3 older girls were wearing the ‘adult’ wristbands.

He told them they had to get off their rides because they’re considered ‘adults’ and therefore too heavy. I can vouch that the two younger girls are tall but skinny and definitely not overweight.

Due to their height and ‘adult’ wristbands, the 3 older girls barely qualified for any of the favorite kiddy rides they enjoyed so much last year. The adult rides were too wild and they weren’t that keen to get on those.

It was a total waste of money and time, and they were sorely disappointed. I guess we won’t be going back there next year.

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