done with school

In roughly an hour and a half, Steev, my firstborn, will be done with his SPM and this means he’ll be technically done with school.

I remember his first day of school like it were only yesterday when he stood there to have his photo taken, all dressed in his brand new school uniform.

I was both worried and excited that morning, wandering how he would adapt to school and if I could even bear to leave him there and drive away.

Every mother’s first day of school blues, no doubt! The years have flown and here I am, happy that he’s moving on to a new chapter in his school life.

I know he’s going to be bursting in here soon, relieved that his exams are over and he’s free again to do all the things he’s been holding back.

I’m feeling a little tear run down my cheek now. It’s a tear of pride. I can’t wait to see his smile and the little jig he always does when he’s happy :grin: !

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