the food of exams

Whew, this is the last weekend after which Steev will be done with his SPM and then we can get back to our regular menu. For the past month, we haven’t been eating out.

Well, the girls and I did nick out for a quick burger once or twice, but Steev has been eating strictly at home. That’s our exam drill from day one.

Steev doesn’t want to chance eating outside food that might upset his tummy during his exams. So it’s homecooked meals all through the exam period.

When I told my friend about this, I expected her to be shocked. She wasn’t! Apparently her son is the same way – he wouldn’t eat outside food during his exams either :grin: !

Outside food is pretty unhygienic and frankly, we can only tolerate it because our tummies have been conditioned from young. The only thing Steev feels safe enough to eat is a McDonald’s burger on the weekend.

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