oldest fast food joint

On the way back from the book sale yesterday, we took the girls to an A&W restaurant they’ve never been to. Well, it’s in a part of the city that we hardly ever get to.

We believe this particular A&W was the first fast food restaurant around back in the good old days. At any rate, this was way before the KFCs and McDonald’s started popping up all over the place. So it has to be old, really old, okay 😉 ?

What really surprises me is that it’s still alive and kicking. Granted it isn’t new and shiny or anything but it seems to be a very popular joint with a lot of folks.

The girls were impressed that this was where their Daddy and I used to have our fast food fixes back in the days before they were born.

Raine: You mean they had fast food back then? (like her parents are dinosaurs or something)
Dad: Yep, this is it!

Skye: But this is not McDonalds.

Dad: Hummph (rolls eyes to the ceiling)

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