how to get kids to start reading

We went back to the book sale yesterday and came home with another 20 books. My girls are ravenous readers though Steev tends to be quite selective and will only read those books that interest him deeply.

Speaking of books, do your kids enjoy reading? Even if they don’t, you should encourage them to read from young. I’ll be the first to admit that some kids take to books more readily than others.

As a first step, start with a book that the child is interested in. As parents, we tend to think we know what’s best when it comes to selecting a good book. For example, in my time, I read classics like Pride and Prejudice.

These days, very few kids would be interested in books like this simply because they can’t relate to the era that the book is set in. So a good book to us may not necessarily be one that our kids will be excited about.

If we insist, they may lose interest in reading altogether which is not what we want. Sometimes, we just have to go with the flow and try to capture their interest first before you advise them on what books are good and why they should read them.

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