six and twenty books

booksThe school holidays are here. Finally. The end of another school year.

My taxi runs have been dwindling and I’ve actually started enjoying more afternoons at home than rushing about.

We had a great start to the holidays yesterday by going to the Pearson book sale. Yeah, it’s been a while.

The last book sale we went to was like months ago and my little ravenous readers have long since run out of books to read.

The poor things have been reading and re-reading the same old books over and over and have been quoting paragraphs from memory 😆 .

Yesterday we hauled home a healthy harvest of 26 books. The credit card system at Pearson was down.

So the girls had to reluctantly put some books back because I didn’t have enough cash to pay for two whole boxes of books. Who carries oodles of cash nowadays anyways?

Today the girls want to go again with their Dad to buy more. They know they can kiss up to Dad and get away with anything 🙁 .

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