holidays at home

The school holidays are almost here again. Man, has this year flown by or what? I’m always glad for the school holidays not only because I can take a well-deserved break from running Mom’s Taxi but also because I can have the kids home with me.

Maybe it has to do with me being alone so much during my school holidays way back when. I’m like so grateful to have a bunch of kids with me even though we do get on each other’s nerves being around each other so much sometimes.

But hey, there’s nothing that returning to our own computers to blog (in my case) and to play games won’t solve.

Basically when we’re together like that, we’re like a small swarm of locusts descending on the malls and restaurants, picking everything clean then just zooming out of there. Or we’d be cooking up a storm in the kitchen when we decide to eat in.

So yeah, having the kids home is really nice 🙂 . I’d better enjoy this great feeling now before they’re all grown up and have their own agenda.

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