high school prom

It’s Steev’s high school graduation and prom tonight. I just can’t believe my son is a young man now looking so matured in his suit and tie. I have to say he looks just like his dad but don’t tell Hubz that, hahaha.

It’s been a very full day for him. He went to his graduation ceremony in the morning to receive his scroll and a bouquet of roses. There was a lot of teasing amongst his classmates seeing each other all dressed up.

I guess it’s exciting to have something like this. I don’t recall having ever attended a high school graduations in my time.

In the evening, they went to their prom night at a hotel ballroom. A glitzy event it was. As it turned out, only Steev and one other guy was wearing a suit.

There was a big hoo-ha about that and all the other kids took turns to have their pictures taken with Steev and the other guy. So there’s our budding rockstars.

They had a buffet dinner and dance. I was happy that the prom ended promptly at 11pm and that only tea and juice was served, no hard stuff.