you gotta rich to be a parent

Skye’s school is organizing an aerobicathon to raise money for some new additions to the school building. We’ve been going around with a sponsorship card to solicit donations.

I wouldn’t blame our friends for running away if they saw me. Having three kids means I’m asking for donations three times a year 😆 ! To be honest, a lot of times, I end up funding the entire donation to save myself the trouble of bugging my friends.

Then there’s the annual family day at school where the kids will be selling all sorts of things to raise money for something else. For two years now, I’ve been putting up the capital for Raine and her classmates’ food stall.

I tell you, to be a parent these days, you got to be rich, man, biddy biddy bum, biddy biddy biddy bum, all day long I’d fund-y fund-y fund… Is anyone laughing yet?

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