seconds and thirds

We went for a Japanese buffet lunch today after failing to get a reservation for dinner last night. Skye, being only 11, has been getting in as a child. But they wouldn’t let her in as a child today although when we made the reservation last night, they confirmed it was okay ! WTH!

Although this has been our all-time favorite Japanese buffet, we’ve noticed the price going up and the quality of the food going down over time. Still, with 3 ravenous teen appetites, we practically mowed down the place. We complain but we still eat, hehehe 😉 .

After all, it’s rm60 per head so we took our own sweet time to try everything. I basically take one item of each to try. If it’s good, then I go back for seconds and thirds and whoa! I swear I could feel our car tyres sink by a few inches when we got in 😆 .

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