wedding dinners

DH and I went to a wedding dinner. As all wedding dinners go, it was a long drawn out affair of waiting eons for the habitual latecomers to show up. As usual, we always end up being punished for our punctuality and good manners. Never mind that, we’re still always there on time, sometimes early even.

I like weddings only because of the opportunity to dress up. That’s about it. Sometimes when I think of the long wait, I don’t even feel like going. Duh! That and sitting at a table of virtual strangers (mostly) bores me to bits. I usually just pull out my PDA phone and start playing games and messaging the kids at home.

There’s, of course, the anticipation of the worst part to come – the chopsticks washing! When the food comes, I quickly take what I want before everyone starts swishing their chopsticks into the dish. Yuck! And then I never go back in for seconds.

So most times, I don’t really get to eat much at weddings. Not that I mind, since I always eat a snack before I go just to be on the safe side. Who knows what time they’ll start serving dinner? If it rains, you can almost count on a 1.5 – 2 hour wait!! Nuts!

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