baby won’t sleep

We went to a fullmoon party for a friend’s new baby girl. The baby’s mother was lamenting about how this new baby is so different from her number one, who used to sleep a lot.

She says this baby is a night owl and would stay awake for hours without getting tired. Yeah, I can imagine how taxing it must be for a mom in confinement to be up late when she should be resting.

Actually this is the complaint of many mothers who claim their babies just won’t go to sleep. Haha, it must be something in the modern moms’ diets or babies are getting smarter.

But seriously, each baby is different. Some are more active and alert and can’t wait to become part of the family action. Others are sleepy heads who couldn’t care two hoots about what’s going on around them.

So you really can’t compare. Just go with the flow and hope it’s just a phase and that they’ll soon sleep through the night.

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