do they even care about road safety?

I come across many examples every day of how some school kids risk their lives on the roads after school. I know. It really sets me thinking, do their parents ever talk to them about road safety. Or is it that the kids just don’t listen?

Common sights of kids after school:

  • hanging out of school bus windows and doors (one boy actually jumped down from the window of a big school bus right in front of my car! not funny!)
  • dashing across busy roads without looking
  • deliberately taking their sweet time to cross a busy road
  • walking or cycling two or three across right onto the middle of the road
  • walking or cycling in groups, talking, laughing, pushing and shoving.

It’s a case of drivers having to look out for them, not them looking out for traffic. Again I think this is something that needs to be drummed into the heads of our kids – that road safety comes first no matter what.

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