teaching kids to comparison shop

Every weekend, I seem to notice the prices of everything going up, up and away. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little here but hey, one litre of fresh milk now costs close to rm5. Ridiculous if you ask me. It used to be rm3.50 – 3.70.

With this escalating cost of living, I’m forced to scrutinize price tags even more than I ever did before. Obviously with a bunch of school-going kids in the house, I can’t afford to shop with my eyes closed.

In fact, when I take my kids out, I’m making them comparison shop. It’s a habit I want them to develop to look at quality and prices before they buy.

It’s something we have to drum into their heads lest they think money grows on trees. And these days, with kids getting more materialistic, it’s easy to fall into that mindset.

These lessons about comparison shopping apply to both boys and girls, by the way, because we tend to associate shopping with only the girls. The truth is guys probably do more shopping than us these days 😆 so we have to get the message across to them as well.

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