this thing about phones

When the phone rings, it’s likely not for me. These days, my teens hold monopoly over the house phone. I have my handphone, I suppose so most of my calls come through there.

I know most city kids get their own, personal, private handphone at around age 8 which is an awfully young age, if you ask me, but obviously not so to their parents.

My three kids share one handphone, which works out to be “whoever is going out or thinks they might need to call back”, gets to take the phone with them.

So far, it’s worked out great and I haven’t had any complaints so I’m just going to leave things as they are until we see a need for a second handphone to be shared among them three.

Some of the kids at school have been giving my kids a hard time about this arrangement. As you would’ve guessed, these are the ones whose parents have given them their own phone. So they’re teasing my kids about their “underprivileged” status.

My kids tell me these things in our daily chats. So do you think you need your own phone? I ask them. Yes, I want to hear their views on this, and if they’d told me they really need one, I’d have considered buying them one.

But it seems they agree with me that they don’t need a personal phone “to have and to hold” 24 hours a day. They like the present arrangement that we have. So I’m happy and they’re happy. Whew!

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