highly paid confinement ladies

I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t have to hire a confinement lady after any of my kids. My aunt took on the role and it turned out very well.

I was talking a lady I met the other day at a wedding dinner. She says a confinement lady costs rm3,000 these days!! Crazy, I say! That’s more than what some executives make a month.

I think demand is more than supply which is what’s pushing the rates up. Confinement ladies are an endangered species, and a good confinement lady is hard to find.

At 3k a month, every older woman and her dog would want to get into this business, qualified or not, to make some quick bucks.

Many times, even the worse ones are unwittingly considered good by some new mothers. I’ve heard of confinement ladies who delegate their work to the maid, and of those who sleep in air-conditioned comfort while neglecting the newborn.

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