aargh, alarms!

I confess, I’m obsessed with alarms. Not a day goes by without my numerous alarms going off every so often reminding me to pick up the kids or drop them off.

Frankly I hate the sound of alarms but I have no choice. If I don’t have alarms set up for everything, I get a bit paranoid that I might forget. So I need them to keep me on my toes and on time.

With a crazy schedule like mine, I’ve got my Outlook alarms set up on my PC and my PDA phone alarms will go off when I’m out on my errands.

The alarms drove me nuts in the beginning but I’ve since gotten used to them. Now I’ve grown so dependent on them that I don’t even look at the clock any more. I just rely on them to work me like a robot 😆 .

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