learning to read

All my kids were reading by age 4. Steev and Raine, my older ones, could read Peter and Jane books by the time they were 3 years old, and Skye around 4. I started late with her because I was too busy with the two older ones. Not an excuse but you know how everything becomes a blur when you work full-time and have 3 kids. But I guess as long they learn to read before they turn 25, they should be okay.

this mom’s favorite song

Currently… “I gotta feeling” by Black-eyed Peas.

Used to be… “Isn’t a wonder?” by Boyzone.

what is…

what is...

… a baby hamster called?

Answer under comments.

rushed kids

It’s pretty sad the lives of some kids these days. They often have to forgo a childhood at the expense of an education. Yep, it’s a rat race out there and many parents feel pressured to pressure their kids into as many activities as they can possibly squeeze into a day.

From regular school to ballet to piano to sports to numerous school activities to tutoring, there’s no end to the rushing about, no time for a childhood. I think it’s sad. But many parents think this is the only way to prepare their kids for future success.

What do you think?

what is the…

… wierdiest baby name you’ve come across, and would you give your baby that name?

make a difference in the lives of abused pets and animals

Many years ago, my bestest girl friend in the world was shopping for an eel-skin bag. The thought of carrying a dead eel around really freaked me out. But not for long. The next moment I was thinking out loud, so what’s going to happen to all those baby eels looking for their mom, who is now your handbag?

Basically that’s how I feel about animals. They’re living things just like us. They have babies and kids just like us. That’s why I feel so strongly about blogging for ASPCA. If you have any of these thoughts about animals and you wanna help, you can make a difference by pledging your donation here as I blog away into the wee hours.

the case of the flying spoon

Here’s a funny story that happened to Steev, my teenage son. He was out at dinner with Hip2bDad and a few friends, and Steev was having a feast with his bowl of noodles. Suddenly, in like a flash, he sees a spoon flying across the table, headed straight for his soup!!!

Yikes, one of the other guys wanted to try his soup and without so much as a word, sends his spoon straight diving into Steev’s soup!

SALIVA ALERT!!! Steev was horrified! Speechless! And in a flash, abandoned his bowl of noodles!!

How can someone be so outright rude? he groans.

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