rushed kids

It’s pretty sad the lives of some kids these days. They often have to forgo a childhood at the expense of an education. Yep, it’s a rat race out there and many parents feel pressured to pressure their kids into as many activities as they can possibly squeeze into a day.

From regular school to ballet to piano to sports to numerous school activities to tutoring, there’s no end to the rushing about, no time for a childhood. I think it’s sad. But many parents think this is the only way to prepare their kids for future success.

What do you think?

what is the…

… wierdiest baby name you’ve come across, and would you give your baby that name?

make a difference in the lives of abused pets and animals

Many years ago, my bestest girl friend in the world was shopping for an eel-skin bag. The thought of carrying a dead eel around really freaked me out. But not for long. The next moment I was thinking out loud, so what’s going to happen to all those baby eels looking for their mom, who is now your handbag?

Basically that’s how I feel about animals. They’re living things just like us. They have babies and kids just like us. That’s why I feel so strongly about blogging for ASPCA. If you have any of these thoughts about animals and you wanna help, you can make a difference by pledging your donation here as I blog away into the wee hours.

the case of the flying spoon

Here’s a funny story that happened to Steev, my teenage son. He was out at dinner with Hip2bDad and a few friends, and Steev was having a feast with his bowl of noodles. Suddenly, in like a flash, he sees a spoon flying across the table, headed straight for his soup!!!

Yikes, one of the other guys wanted to try his soup and without so much as a word, sends his spoon straight diving into Steev’s soup!

SALIVA ALERT!!! Steev was horrified! Speechless! And in a flash, abandoned his bowl of noodles!!

How can someone be so outright rude? he groans.

favorite yogurt

favorite yogurt

With 3 picky eaters, you can almost bet I’m ever on the lookout for new and interesting food to feed the brood. Okay, I know that rhymes, so I’m a born poet! This is the latest thing I picked up and it’s now our family favorite.

Nestle Extra Creamy Yogurt

It’s what I gobble when I get back from the gym. Who else gobbles the rest, I love you. It’s hard enough getting kids to eat good food and this is one of them 😛 . Anyone else a fan of luscious creamy yogurts?

how to save money at the movies?

Me and the kids have been watching a number of movies lately. Okay, we’re movie freaks! We love going to the cinema but that can get pretty expensive for the 4 or 5 of us. So mostly we try to watch movies at home where we can pretty much just spread ourselves out all over the living room and crunch snacks till we pop.

But when we do go to the cinema, there’s a couple of things we do to save money:

Go on a day when they’re offering special rates. Even better, these are usually the slow days when you practically have the whole cinema to yourself 😆 .

Bring our own bottled water and snacks. Well, okay, you may have to smuggle it in depending on what kind of monsters you meet at the gate.

I’m slow today, can’t think of any more. Got any of your own movie-going tips to share?

save the animals and you could be saving someone you once knew

Now for a bit about the charity I’m blogging for. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or ASPCA is right there in the middle of fighting abuse of our furry friends. Animal cruelty happens every day and just because animals don’t look like us and in many ways, don’t behave like us, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a right to live and be treated with respect.

I’m a believer in karma. And with karma, you just never know if that poor little cat or dog could be someone you knew and loved from a previous life? So ya, think about that. If they’re not being treated right, wouldn’t you want to be there for them? That’s how I look at it anyways.

If you’re in any way inclined to help out these poor abused or abandoned animals, please click here to pledge your support. Every little bit counts.

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