who is…

… your favorite Disney princess?

The girls and I used to watch a lot of Disney movies and cartoons. We love Ariel, the little mermaid with gorgeous hair.

have you pledged yet?

I can hear some birds calling outside. Isn’t it wonderful to be free? Help end cruelty to animals. Sponsor me as I continue plogging and blogging along for the next 14 hours or so. Don’t hold me to the number of hours, my math may be as messed up as my sleep-deprived mind is right now.

I’m open for your pledges to sponsor me as I blog for the ASPCA against animal cruelty. Come on, you know you have some spare change somewhere for our furry and feathered friends.

driving me up the wall

Drivers that drive me up the wall are those who:

  • don’t look for oncoming traffic when turning out of a side road
  • hog 2 or more lanes to turn
  • sleep at traffic lights
  • drive like turtles because they’re so busy yakking on their cellphones
  • speed up to prevent you from turning.

What about you?

what do your kids have for breakfast?

Our breakfasts are usually fairly simple on school days. There’s no time for anything fancy. Besides everyone’s pretty grumpy when they have to get up early and off to school 😆 . So it usually bread, sometimes toast, with butter and jam, and some tuna sandwiches or cookies for recess.

On weekends, we may have eggs, sausages and baked beans. Or if it’s the kids’ lucky day, I will agree to take them to McD’s for what they call “a real breakfast”.

what is…

… a baby kangaroo called?

If you know the answer, post it in the comment box.

how to save money on groceries?

We got to eat, right? But how do we keep that grocery bill from blowing itself to Mars? Here are some tips:

Use grocery coupons.

Stock up on items that are on sale.

Make a list of non-essentials and wait for the sale.

Don’t buy on impulse. Make a shopping list and stick to it.

Now it’s your turn. Feel free to share your tips.

help our furry friends, sponsor me!

We’ve been blogging for how many hours now? Never mind, it’s all a blur now. So don’t even bother asking 😆 . But hey, if you’ve just surfed on by and are feeling generous, how about pledging your support to ASPCA to help end cruelty to animals?

Heck, it’s not that often we get to do a good deed to our furry friends. So how’s about it, huh? Just think about it, you only need to fork out some money, I’m doing all the donkey work and having all the fun 😉 .

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