Quick lunch at Whole Foods

Quick lunch at Whole Foods

Whenever we want a quick, healthy meal without having to roll up our sleeves, Whole Foods is the place we head to. Aside from the fact that Whole Foods is where many Hollywood celebs do their grocery shopping, they have a buffet spread that’s always interesting and always changing so you never know what you’re going to find on any particular day.

My lunch selection of a nut and berry salad, steamed broccoli, chicken tikka and potatoes. It doesn’t look like a lot but it’s pretty filling.

whole foods

Raine’s had mac and cheese, steamed broccoli, chicken tikka and potatoes, and some cantaloupe. She was disappointed they didn’t have those yummy turkey cubes that we all love.

whole foods

Whenever Steev ate there, he would also grab a few boxes to go so he wouldn’t need to cook for the next few meals. The food is charged by weight and features quite a selection from salads to pastas and pizzas. And the plates, boxes and napkins are earth-friendly too πŸ˜€ .

Have you ever tried the food buffet at Whole Foods? What do you think of the selection?

Wednesday Hodgepodge 125

1. May is National Blood Pressure Month…what sends yours soaring, either literally or figuratively? What calms you down? When did you last have your bp checked?

Nothing much except for my usual gripes about rudeness, selfishness, bad attitudes and having no concept of personal space and respect for others, that’s all. But not here, not now, I’m having too much fun πŸ˜€ .

2. You just found $1-what do you spend it on? How about 10$ 100?

Add it to my wallet and spend it on retail therapy which I’m doing a lot of lately.

3. Mandatory labeling of genetically engineered (GE) food has been proposed, but not enacted in the US. How much attention do you give food labels before you buy? Are you in favor of labeling if it means an increase in food prices? Is this an issue you’ve been following and feel strongly about, or is this the first you’ve heard of the controversy?

I do read food labels, I think they’re important. It depends, there are many that just can’t be trusted. For instance, I’ve come across products with a 1 or 2 year expiry that say “No Preservatives” on the label. How is that even possible? There’s this thing called business ethics. I don’t mind paying more if companies would play by it and be truthful about what they’re really putting in our food.

4. May 15th marks the birthdate of Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz. At this point in time, are you more in need of brains, courage, heart, or a trip back home? Explain.

I feel like I’ve just made a trip back home to California. This is where my heart is at.

5. “There’s no place like home” is an oft repeated line from Baum’s book. When was the last time you felt the truth of that statement?

Right now. I’m happiest when I am here.

6. Steak…yes please or no thank you? What cut do you prefer and how do you like yours cooked? Sauce or no sauce? Besides your own kitchen, where’s a place you like to go to get a great steak?

I don’t eat steak often but I’ve recently fallen in love with the tri-tip taco which is totally out of this world.

7. When was the last time you were in a genuine hurry?

Coming into California last weekend, we had back-to-back flights with less than a hour’s layover in Hong Kong. This meant getting off the flight, trying to make our way through the airport and getting into an impossibly long line to board our connecting flight to San Francisco – all within less than an hour. It was like running a marathon with a 16-hour flight thrown in.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Loving the long days. The sun is pouring in at 6a and sets at 8p. Been waking up with a smile in my heart, eating a lot, shopping a lot and cooking for my son. Happy days! Hope you’re having a great spring.

Driving, love renewed

Driving, love renewed

We hopped off the plane in San Francisco after a 16-hour flight and having slept only an hour on the plane, no thanks to the hyperactive woman sitting beside me who kept moving about and disturbing my sleep.

So on with the drive after a quick pastry lunch before leaving the airport…


Long distance driving, for someone like me who otherwise avoids road trips like the plague, is easy and relatively safe. No contending with the kind of crazies I’m used to. No potholed highways, no speeding trucks on the fast lane, no tail gaters, no lane cutters. My love for driving is renewed.

With Raine as my navigator, we headed out. Midway through, zombied and jetlagged, we pulled up at a Walmart parking lot to catch some zzz’s and make a bathroom run. And then we were off again, arriving at Steev’s apartment just in time to rush back out for dinner at Chili’s and a quick grocery run. Of course, I was thrilled to see Steev again. My poor son who has been starved his mama’s cooking for far too long.

The eagle has landed

The eagle has landed

… in sunny California. Soaring high across the Pacific and I’m home πŸ˜€ ! Well, it sure feels like home. Lived and loved this place for oh so long.

We just woke up to beautiful gray skies and 60 degrees outside. Woohoo, soo cool and crisp as was last night I practically danced outside. I saw flowers as I was driving in and yes, they’re blooming!

Our first meal at our usual San Francisco airport bake shop.


Making breakfast. Lots to do today. Catch y’all later…

A photo to be proud of…

A photo to be proud of...

but I wasn’t the one who took it. I’m a strictly point-and-click kind of girl. But I guess I can claim half-credit since I gave birth to the person who took this shot πŸ˜† .

Yup, my son was snapping away with his kick*ss camera (that’s why he’s the pro) while we were enjoying the show. This photo is unedited and it’s one of my favorite photos of all time.

Killer whales are so amazingly beautiful and graceful, aren’t they, with skin like dye leather and that smooth, flawless complexion? πŸ˜‰

Going Green with the Grizls

Favorite guilty pleasure

Favorite guilty pleasure
Going Green with the Grizls

As I was sitting down to write this post, I was exclaiming out loud, “Hmm, let me see, what’s my guilty pleasure?” From the bathroom comes Hip2bDaughter2’s (my 16 year old) voice, “Why do you have to be guilty about something you take pleasure in?” Hmm, good point. I hadn’t really thought about that.

My guilty pleasure would be that I love to shop and Hip2bDaughter2’s right. For the most part, I’m enjoying myself too much to be feeling much guilt. I think I have what they call shoppingitis. But don’t worry, it’s not infectious. Not unless you’re traveling with me.

Once on vacation in Bali (an island in Indonesia), my girl friend and I shopped till we almost missed the bus that was going to take us to the airport for our flight home. I was pregnant then but that didn’t stop me from cramming 4 bags to the brim with my shopping finds. That’s 3 bags more than I arrived with.

I would fly 8,000 miles to shop but I wouldn’t drive 8 miles to eat. If I had a fulltime job now, it’d probably be shopping forΒ cloud backup solutions. Believe me, if I could live at Costco, I would.

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