Tigers in the woods

Tigers in the woods

This is one of those weekends that Hip2Dad isn’t playing the El Nino Open. I say, what a great decision! Better to be enjoying a day in the comfort of home than chasing golf balls all day in this oppressive heatwave.

That said, I have to admit that at one point in my working life, I too had a golf club standing in my office. Scattered across that corner of my room were golf balls, each bearing the initials of my beloved boss, carefully carved out in permanent marker.

At random times of the work day, you could find me behind closed doors whacking the living daylights out of said golf balls✌. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe in violence any more than I believe them initials should be allowed to run amok in the workplace. But there were times when 5:00 pm was just too far away and I needed to de-stress pronto.

Speaking of which, I wonder why ‘coming home from the office to your kids’ isn’t listed anywhere as a stress reliever. For me, it wasn’t meditation or a vacation away from it all. It was my kids who kept me sane when work was a beech (oops, I’ve done it again, haven’t I? and this ain’t no Britney Spears song either!).

Back then, I did consider taking up golf. That was when Hip2bDad began telling me to stop calling golf clubs ‘golf sticks’. He introduced me to each golf club by name. Meet Dasher, Dancer and Prancer Putter, Driver and Iron! But that didn’t stop me from using a driver to putt. Duh!

And he showed me how to swing a golf club without killing anyone in the process. Good thing we never got to the real game where I had to drive the ball across the grass, I mean, green. Apparently someone drove a ball right smack into our K-friend’s head and he promptly fainted. See, it could happen even to experienced golfers. So don’t even try to imagine what I would’ve done!

Tigers in the woods

At some point, Hip2bDad began to think he saw potential Tigers in our three pre-teens. In fact, he was so sure he signed them all up for golf lessons. So began our suntanning sessions as I played doting golf mom! Soon we all began to look like roasted potatoes even as our sunblock investments went shooting through the roof.

Golf fashion quickly dominated our weekend lives. “Hey, why are you wearing that? Where’s your polo shirt?” our resident golf fashion police could be heard hollering up the stairs. “Belts please! Hey, hey, don’t forget to tuck in your shirt!” No offense but who even wears belts any more unless they’ve been living in the woods since World War 2?! You have no idea how much it pained me to see my poor kids dressed up like fusty old men with golf sticks!!

Never could understand golf fashion. Which is why it’s probably a good thing I never signed up for lessons myself. One look at Mrs K-friend in long-sleeved polo shirts and covering herself 머리부터 발끝까지 (from head to toe) in sun-protective garb and I was like, no no no, I ain’t wearing no hasmat suit!! There’s just no way!

To top it off, they even have golf fashion police patrolling the course in case you decide to get all New York Fashion Week-like. My kids got told off a few times but they just shrugged and carried on. Go kids!! Honestly, who the heck cares? It’s only a game! Or a work stress reliever, if you’re like me?

Hip to be Shopping – Going retro this swimwear season


Like I said before, although it’s technically still winter right now, there are some places (like California) where we seem to have skipped winter altogether and gone straight on to spring. No matter if it’s cold or warm where you’re at, summer will be along sooner enough. My hand-picked selection of retro swimwear will take you to a new level of hip. So check these out sooner rather than later!

Free to Sea One-Piece Swimsuit
Free to Sea One-Piece Swimsuit

Ready, set, vacay! Make a break for the ocean sporting this nautical bathing suit by the iconic Esther Williams. The anchor-etched buttons of this retro suit will make waves among shoreline stylistas (I guarantee it!), while that bright red trim that serves as a halter tie tops off this flatteringly slim swim dress with a bold touch!

Set the Serene Swimsuit Top in Emerald
Set the Serene Swimsuit Top in Emerald

A lagoon is the perfect cool-off spot, and today you’re lounging on the shore in this patterned swimsuit. This ModCloth-exclusive halter swimwear features an emerald hue and wrapped layers of fabric on its bust. Spend the day in this bikini top and its matching bottom and feel at peace with nature.

High Tide and True One-Piece Swimsuit in Black
High Tide and True One-Piece Swimsuit in Black

Reach for this black swimsuit by Bettie Page before a day at the beach, and you’re sure to make a stylish splash. Flaunting a retro silhouette that’s enhanced by a cute collar, piping detail, and low-cut legs, this scarlet-trimmed halter offers a stunning seaside look you can count on.

Yes, you definitely need to check more retro swimwear like these at Modcloth’s Swim Collection. I promise you will be tempted by more than just one design. Happy shopping and have a great weekend 😀 !

Hip to be #Shopping – #Sports shoes that will surely inspire you to #workout


Who doesn’t love brightly colored sports shoes that bring a spring to your every step? I certainly do. I’d trade them for my boring old grey pair anytime.

ASICS Women's Gel FlashPoint Shoes in Orangeflame/Blue/PinkASICS Women's Gel FlashPoint Shoes in Orangeflame/Blue/Pink
ASICS Women’s Gel FlashPoint Shoes in Orangeflame/Blue/PinkASICS Women's Gel FlashPoint Shoes in Orangeflame/Blue/Pink

Nothing brightens up your run like these Asics running shoes. Just look at those sunny colors that conceal the shock-absorbing GEL® cushioning technology that protects you against injury.

Reebok Women's Sublite TR Shoes in Coral/Purple/YellowReebok Women's Sublite TR Shoes in Coral/Purple/Yellow
Reebok Women’s Sublite TR Shoes in Coral/Purple/YellowReebok Women's Sublite TR Shoes in Coral/Purple/Yellow

The cushioning 3D SubLite foam in the midsole of these trainers protects your feet against injury so you can train in comfort and style. You’ll be worn out by all that exercise before these do.

Skechers Women's Gratis Running Wild Shoes in MultiSkechers Women's Gratis Running Wild Shoes in Multi
Skechers Women’s Gratis Running Wild Shoes in MultiSkechers Women's Gratis Running Wild Shoes in Multi

Make a fashion statement as you run in these running shoes. They’re wild and I love those crazy colors. There’s a fabric lining cushioning footbed and shock absorbing Flex design midsole that provides the protection you need against injury.

Ryka Women's Hypnotic Shoes in Plum/Silver/Teal/White
Ryka Women’s Hypnotic Shoes in Plum/Silver/Teal/WhiteRyka Women's Hypnotic Shoes in Plum/Silver/Teal/White

This pair’s cute too. However difficult your workout session, the Hypnotic training sneakers from Ryka can keep up. The exo-shell foam outer shell gives you flexibility and the rubber padding provides just the right amount of traction.

A good shoe inspires you to work harder and lose those calories faster. Buy One Get One FREE is now on from July 18 – August 8, 2013.

An uphill climb

An uphill climb

It’s an uphill climb. Literally. If you could see me, you’d agree I’m far from being the outdoorsy type. If I didn’t hate the sun so much and mosquitoes didn’t love me so much, I might be persuaded to hit the outdoors more than once a decade. But with this love-hate relationship, it’s best I stay indoors.

Okay, so this may not even be about me and the great outdoors. I just don’t like walking as an exercise, period. You will rarely ever see me on the treadmill at the gym. Anything more than 5 minutes and I’m biting my nails and climbing the walls. Yaa-aa-wn! I know, those of you who hog the treadmill for hours are shaking your heads.

So my friend is this ardent walker who treks up the hill every weekend. Said hill is like the holy grail to city folks around here who religiously make the pilgrimage every chance they get. It’s a punishing 5K of steeps and dips, not for the faint of heart. For my dear friend, it’s a way to sweat away the guilt of big meals and carefree eating. I see it as an unnecessary torture.

hill (image credit: walking.about.com)

The first time I trekked this hill was more than a decade ago when Steev was just a little kid. I barely made it that time. At the steepest incline, I was huffing and puffing, the earth was spinning and birds were chirping in rings over the top of my head. Steev, my little trooper, hurried to push me from behind to stop me rolling unceremoniously back down the hill like a sack of potatoes. I laugh about it now but that’s how unfit I was. Needless to say, I’ve not gone back since.

Fast forward to this weekend. I finally relented, if nothing else, to see if I can make it uphill without Steev, or the anticipated 6 teams of horses. The track is exactly as I remember it. Still swarming with pilgrims. Still as unforgiving as ever. Only this time, I made it to the top without bringing down the 3 little pigs’ house. That’s got to be good, right? 😉

Still it doesn’t change my mind about walking. Not only do I find walking incredibly boring, it’s a totally ineffective exercise as far as I’m concerned. In other words, an absolute waste of a perfectly good Sunday evening. So is walking your thing or do you agree with me? You can be honest here. Either way, I will still love you 😉 .

The potatoes on the London Olympics 2012 couch

The potatoes on the London Olympics 2012 couch

While you won’t exactly find me glued to the 2012 Olympics on TV like my 2 lovelies seem to be these days, I’m keeping track – in my own way. Not ashamed to say we’ve been rooting for Michael Phelps like crazy. Have been since the 2008 Olympics. He’s so much easier to like than, say, Lochte who is so full of himself.

This was us catching up on some Michael Phelps on Raine’s cell while munching on our McD’s breakfast.

So thrilled that Michael Phelps ended his last solo swim with a gold (humble pie and grill, anyone?) and finished with one more gold for the road. Wow, is this guy amazing or what? Regardless that the media tried to pull him under at first about not being as prepared as he should’ve been compared to some of the other swimmers, he still came out the most decorated Olympian in history.

A true athlete consistently delivers, can’t say the same about flukes. Twenty-two medals with 18 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze and lots of firsts in that. Fathom that! Is that even humanly possible? I wonder how long it will take anyone to beat that record? On another note, now that swimming has come to an end, I guess it’ll be another 4 years before I watch TV again 😆 ?!

Fitness guru or couch potato?


I’m definitely not a couch potato. I don’t watch enough TV. I wouldn’t call myself a fitness guru either simply because I don’t qualify. A bit of a fitness junkie maybe but definitely not guru.

I like to jump out of bed and hit the gym first thing. Our days start early so I like to get an early start. Thing is if I don’t get moving, once I park my butt at the computer, it won’t be that easy prying it off 😆 .

Somehow I like the idea of being one of the first few folks at the gym when it’s cool and quiet. I’m kidding myself, of course, because I’m rarely among the first few and by the time I walk in, rarely is the air fresh and cool either.

Still I love the endorphin rush and subsequent burn of an intense workout. I’m not exactly the most disciplined person though. But I try not to dwell on that too much. I just do what I can. If I take a couple of weeks days off, so what? Important thing is to cut yourself some slack. After all, being a mom comes first, right? 😉

Going Green with the Grizls

I can’t believe that I…

I can't believe that I...

… waited this long to try homemade parfait.

I mean, just looking at it now is making me drool. Luscious layers of fresh blueberries, yogurt and granola. The darnest thing to tie me over those few hours between a quick snack after gym and our late, late lunch.

Figuring out what to eat is always a problem for me. I’m not a snacker by nature and I hardly ever think about food during the day. I know it’s deceiving considering how often I post about food on this blog 😆 . So excited I’ve got this great new option. Loving my yogurt parfait 😉 !

What’s your favorite snack? Tried any new ones lately?

6 reasons to be excited and 1 not to be

6 reasons to be excited and 1 not to be

First, the good news. This morning, I looked out the window and all the stars were aligned in the dawn sky. Tis the perfect day to head to the gym with Raine. We worked our butts off (literally), came home, rolled up our sleeves and started baking.

Within an hour and a half, we had the first 4 reasons to be excited. We were done baking 2 loaves of wholemeal bread and 1 carrot cake, and making the batter for pumpkin pancakes. Easy-peasy, right?

Oh, a friend brought us practically half a fresh produce sectionful of seasonal fruits and veggies from his farm. What were we going to do with all those carrots?

But apparently the carrot power was just a little too much for my fingernail and IT BROKE!! *sobs* That’s the bad news.

I hate, hate, hate breaking my nails, grrr! I had to rush upstairs, remove my nail polish right away and cut all my other nails short to match. Bummer! On the brighter side, surely that must mean I’m now qualified for the handicap parking spot (Reason #5 maybe)?

They say that everything happens for a reason. So I’m thinking maybe, just maybe, breaking my nail might have something to do with my spanking new iPhone 4S. Since I got it last weekend, I’ve wasted a few hours of my life rekeying all my phone contacts from scratch.

In the process, I’ve noticed how my long nail was getting in the way because now I have to use my fingertip instead of my fingernail to type. Yup, I’m sure that’s how I weakened my nail causing it to break today. Oh well!! Sometimes you ask for an orange and life gives you an Apple *shrug*.

Incidentally, these incredibly clear food pix were taken with my new phone (Reason #6) which looks like the billion other iPhones out there that a billion of you already have. So I’m late to the party again, huh?

the secret to toned arms


Guess what, the secret to those amazing Michelle Obama arms is out.

Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

The workouts are not hard but they’re pretty intensive. I tried them out 😉 and they’re certainly worth a try if you love wearing tanks as much as I do.

The thing though is that fitness gurus tell us we can’t spot reduce and that we need to do a total workout whether it’s to lose belly fat or to get those incredibly toned arms sans those telltale jiggles!

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