Hip to be #Shopping – You ready for the 2014 #Winter #Herolympics?

Arrow Criss Cross Applesauce T-Shirt

Look at how intense Oliver Queen is on this 100% cotton Arrow Criss Cross Applesauce T-Shirt. He is about to unleash one of the most devastating games of Patty Cake… ever. Hey, if John Barrowman wants to knock over the Glades, he’s going to have to go through the Hood! Based on the CW’s hit television show, the Arrow Criss Cross Applesauce T-Shirt will help you survive doses of Mira-cu.

DC Superheroines Guys Drool Women’s T-Shirt

If you happen to see Wonder Woman Supergirl and Batgirl and they use the ‘Girls Rule and Guys Drool’ phrase on this 100% cotton DC Superheroines Guys Drool Women’s T-Shirt, you better agree! If not, I’m sure that dazzling trio will show you that the word ‘pain’ is but a fleeting concept compared to what they have in store for you. What, you were expecting something girly? Bah! Reinforced with retro goodness, the DC Superheroines Guys Drool Women’s T-Shirt is perfect for you assertive ladies out there.

Star Wars Empire Construction Work Shirt

This Star Wars Empire Construction Work Shirt reminds me of that dialogue from the movie ‘Clerks’. You familiar with it? You know where they are talking about all of the innocents that were killed after the 2nd Death Star went bye-bye! Hey, the Empire needed a ton of extra help in order to get that thing finished. Okay so musing aside, the exceptional button up Star Wars Empire Construction Work Shirt is a great shirt featuring two pockets on the chest and an Empire Construction logo(it has a Death Star nestled in there). Don’t be too proud of that technological terror you’ve constructed, that’s for sure.

Transformers Kids Socks 6-Pack

Created for the little ones with a foot size in the 7 to 10 department, the Transformers Kids Socks 6-Pack has way more options than children may be use to. All I know is when I was little, we didn’t have any sweet socks like this… let alone a pack of 6 different types. I’ll admit it, I’m mildly jealous. The Transformers Kids Socks 6-Pack has 3 sets of Autobot socks while the other 3 are inspired by the Decepticons. Jeez decisions within decisions. I don’t even know if I would be able to make up my mind. (Fits children’s shoe sizes 7 to 10.)

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Hip to be #Shopping – #Dresses to knock him off his feet this #Valentine’s

Are you still looking for that elusive “perfect” dress for your Valentine’s date night? Look what I found. Yup, dresses in sizes 10 to 32 that are guaranteed to turn heads on Valentine’s Day and beyond.


Need a subtle yet sexy look that will take you from the office to dinner? This Essential Wrap Dress is up for the task!

Essential Wrap Dress
Essential Wrap Dress, Cabernet (Women’s Plus Size)

A fresh spin on your cubicle-to-cocktail attire, the Essential Wrap Dress accentuates the waist and draws attention upward to your decolletage. The wrap dress lives up to its well-earned reputation as being the most universally flattering silhouette.


Spice it up a bit with the beautiful Scalloped Lace Cocktail Evening Dress. The gorgeous stretch lace is oh, so flattering and comfortable at the same time.

Scalloped Lace Cocktail Evening Dress
Scalloped Lace Cocktail Evening Dress, Navy Lace/Nude Lining (Women’s Plus Size)

Expect to turn heads in this simply exquisite lace frock. Infused with stretch for a figure flattering fit, the feminine 3/4-length scalloped sleeves and V-neckline add subtle sophistication.

Ready to stop traffic? My personal favorite, the Stop and Stare Ruched Dress, will guarantee that all eyes are on YOU. The stunning combination of the lace, curve loving silhouette and fierce leopard print makes this one dress you need in your closet.

Stop and Stare Ruched Dress
Stop and Stare Ruched Dress, Black Leopard (Women’s Plus Size)

For a night on the town, channel your inner vixen with this saucy little number that’ll give you that amazing hourglass shape with contrasting side lace panels and ruching along the mid-section. Black lace continues to the back for a completely different look from behind as well as the shoulders and sheer sleeves.

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Hip to be #Shopping – #Romantic in red

Fashionable Finesse Top in Red

You’re famous for having some serious style know-how, so it’s no surprise when you show up wearing this chic, cut-out-covered red top over something sweet and chic.

Retro Rosie Necklace in Red

Your fervor for all things retro has you ready and raring to rock this adorable necklace. Whether you’re looking for a way to freshen up your nine-to-five outfit, this rose will definitely sweeten up the deal.

In Rose and Columns String Lights in Red

It doesn’t matter how you arrange these red, floral lights, they’ll i-‘bloom’-inate any room with a beautiful romantic glow. Trust me when I say it will set the mood for a candlelight meal for two in your dining room.

Red Carpet Ready Dress

Rows of photographers call out your name as soon as you step foot at the edge of the carpet in this striking red sheath from Stop Staring!, and a thousand flash bulbs go off in unison. You are a star.

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Hip to be #Shopping – #Valentine’s Day #gifts from the #heart

We’re Young at Heart Sweater

Love is either in your life, on its way, or in the shape of a red felt heart on the elbows of your cotton, knit sweater!

I Heart Umbrellas

When the rainy day blues are simply not on your agenda, reveal your more lovely mood with this bubble umbrella!

I Heart Travel Dress

Think your love for adventure and culture can’t be captured in one garment? Think again!

The Heart of Timekeeping Necklace

Keeping an eye on the time has never looked so sweet as when you don this heart-shaped pocket watch necklace!

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Hip to be #Shopping – The sweetest girliest #Valentine’s #gifts ever

Some girls love pink, others don’t. It takes all kinds to make the world go round. If you have a mom, a daughter, a sister, or a BFF who loves all things pink and girly, these Valentine’s Day gifts are made for them.

TooToo Pretty 1.0oz Parfum in Pink

Betsey Johnson™ introduces Too Too, a sensational fragrance inspired by her love of dance and her passion for flirty fashion. Too Too is a fun, fresh perfume targeting the “it” girl who is youthful and effervescent. The vibrant scent is comprised of sweet passion fruit, sparkling mandarin, ginger, and strawberry leaves spun together with an underlying delicate pink musk that suggests femininity and warmth. To round it out, jasmine, Bulgarian rose, patchouli, sandalwood, and vanilla add just the right touch of radiance. With a vivacious packaging design and an alluring scent, Too Too conveys the free spirit of today’s sexy, modern girl who is playful, cool and flirtatious.

Imperial Throne Pendant in Pink

You can’t always be on your throne, sometimes you have to go out in the world and do things like run errands . . . In those times, it’s best to rock your throne necklace like a true queen, or princess!

Rainbow Crystal Face Watch in Multi

A rainbow of sparkling jewels radiates around the pearly heart centering a playful three-hand watch. A croc-embossed leather strap finishes the light-hearted look. For me personally, it’s the heart-shaped center that does it.

Iconic Amethyst Heart Bracelet in Purple

Ignite your look with the romantic glamor of this sparkling toggle bracelet. Crafted in antique silver-tone mixed metal with glass crystals and a grosgrain ribbon. Check out that cute little arrow and key – too sweet.

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Hip to be #Shopping – Desperately seeking #boots

Last weekend found us shopping for boots. Man, was it fun! We came across so many pretty pairs. Trouble was they didn’t always have the sizes we wanted. And so our shopping continued online…

Stomp in the Name of Love Boot

If the sight of these lace-up boots has you stamping your feet in excitement, stop wasting time and slip your toes within their pink-and-cobalt floral print. Way too pretty, this one!

Just the Two of Adventurous Boot

Whether you’re embarking on a scenic scavenger hunt or curling up with your favorite adventure novel, you’ll do so with legendary loveliness in these knee-high boots. I would definitely want this for myself.

Buckle Buccaneer Bootie

Complete your quest for a quintessentially cute look when you add these chocolate-brown booties to your ensemble. This is too cute, I tell ya.

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Hip to be #Shopping – #Leather jackets to ward off the cold

I don’t know about you but it’s blistery cold in some parts where the new year has ushered in a cold blast from goodness knows where. When I came across these leather jackets, I was thinking they would be perfect protection from the shudders.

Briskly Business Jacket

You may be all business Monday thru Friday, but once you say “TGIF”, you’re quick to take this black jacket by BB Dakota out for a spin. I love the asymmetrical-ness of it. It’s a nice twist from the everyday jacket.

See You Maroon Jacket

There’s something about a maroony leather jacket that sets it apart from the rest of the pack. It’s definitely the chic factor, I say.

The Wheel Thing Leather Jacket

Be the picture of edgy, enviable fashion in this genuine-leather jacket from Steven by Steve Madden. It’s beautifully crafted and so smooth, it shows. Love this.

Be sure to check out more of ModCloth’s Stellar Style Favorites here and look spiffy on Valentine’s Day or any day of the year for that matter.

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