Sunday Shopping – Cool loose-fitting tops for a hot day

The weather being this hot and humid, my first big thought every morning when I wake up is what to wear that isn’t going to make me sizzle. Some funky loose-fitting tops here that would be suitable for the busy mom trying to beat the heat.

Petites Fringe Embellished Tee

Crop tops are rarely as cute as this embelllished fringe top. The scalloped hem and fringe give it an element of fun. It’s not too casual, yet casual enough. Perfect for a hot day.

White Beaded Dippy Hem Crop

When I saw this, my first thought was wow, how the beaded hem brightens up an otherwise plain white top. I love how such a simple trim can be so effective. Great for zipping in and out of the house.

Green Tropical Vest

This tropical print could, on its own, cool down the temperatures outside like nothing else could. The pretty print, ruffled hem and lack of sleeves speak for themselves. Love, love, love this top!

Rust Tape Fringed Tunic

You might’ve noticed by now that I love fringes. The fringes on this loose-fitting tunic will distract the eye away from any area you deem less than perfect. This is great if you need something casual yet presentable for a day out with family or girl friends.

Here’s a heads-up. The Miss Selfridge US Sale is on now thru July 11, 2011. Yes, Miss Selfridge is shipping to the US. They have a lot of really nice, functional clothes, bags and shoes, and right now, you can save up to 50% off.

Is Dad an Iron Man fan?

Okay, don’t even ask us if we’re Iron Man fans? We’re crazy about Iron Man, even though the kids aren’t exactly kids any more.

Ironman Pajamas for Men and Boys: Iron Man Pajama Pants for Men – $ 14.99

Fact is who can resist these fun Iron Man pajama pants? The bright colors, the cool Marvel Comics print and the fact that it’s 100% cotton knit fabric! A great gift idea for Father’s Day, don’t you think? Right now, you can enjoy free shipping on all orders of over $25 on funky sleepwear for the entire family. No coupon code necessary. Offer ends June 7, 2010.

$1 flat rate shipping on fun family sleepwear

Is your little girl stylish and sassy like her Mama? Well, then she’s simply going to love these fun leopard-print jammies. Cute, huh? The pretty in pink heart print ruffles and trim contrast with the bold leopard print to make an adorable combination.

Laura Dare Leopard Heart Strappy Capri Pajamas for Toddlers and Girls – $ 25.99

And your little boy will look cute in these bear hug print pajamas with bear paw print bottoms. The fabric is a soft, comfortable cotton. They’re 100% cotton and snug fitting for safety.

Lazy One Blue Bear Hug Cotton Pajamas for Toddler Boys – $ 24.99

Pay only $1 flat rate shipping on fun sleepwear for the whole family. Yes, there’s also pajamas, nighties and bathrooms for Daddy and Mommy. Offer good thru May 27, 2010.

beads and steals

beads and steals

So what is it that we do best on the weekend again? Shop, of course! Actually we were only window-shopping but goodness knows how often that leads us down the path to temptation 😀 .


I’m a crazy accessories freak, so is Raine. Skye loves the odd accessory now and then. Right now, she’s not as crazy as us yet but under the influence of Mom and Sis, it’s only a matter of time 😆 .


These earrings caught my eye immediately! Gorgeous, aren’t they? Got both of these items for a steal too 😉 .

romantic gifts for Mommy and Daddy

My girls are at an age when they get so excited seeing Mommy and Daddy holding hands or teasing each other about stuff we used to do back when we were dating. They say we should get a pair of Your Love is Delicious coffee mugs since I always try to cook their Daddy’s favorite meals on the weekend.

See, there’s Daddy with his fork and spoon waiting for Mommy to serve him. Very cute 😯 . I wonder if they have a set where Mommy is sitting waiting for Daddy to serve her, eh, ladies? That would be a nice change!

Then there’s this one where Daddy and Mommy are walking their pets. The girls love these We Belong Together pillowcases because it features them both as well. Aww, how sweet! That’s Raine and Skye, our two adorable little human pets pulling us together, hahaha!

And you have to agree these You Complete Me couple t-shirts sound like they just jumped out of the movie “Jerry Maguire“. And I’m such a sucker for the song “Secret Garden” too! Hahaha, this mommy! Wonder what our friends will say when they see us wearing these 😛 !

You know what the girls think? Well, that their Daddy and I should be buying romantic gifts for each other. Great idea, kids, why don’t you guys start saving now so you can buy the most romantic gifts for Daddy and Mommy for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day this year? Deal?

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