My new eyeglasses from the Glasses Shop

My new eyeglasses from the Glasses Shop

It has arrived – my brand new pair of eyeglasses from the kind folks over at the Glasses Shop. The timing couldn’t have been better. You see, I’ve been carelessly throwing my glasses into my handbag and allowing it to bounce around until it finally snapped in two! Bah humbug!

But guess what, I found a great selection of trendy glasses frames at the Glasses Shop. There are so many trendy frames to choose from that deciding on one took me longer than I expected. I would spot a frame I fancied, then use the website’s virtual ‘try them on’ feature to see how they would look on me. I was like, oh this one looks cute, I like it but I like those 5 other ones too, so what do I do?

After going back and forth, this was the frame I finally chose. When my glasses finally arrived and I popped them on, I just went wow! I love how sturdy but light the frame is and I love how cute the glasses look on me. Definitely worth the hours I spent picking it out.

The handy plastic case my glasses arrived in is just the thing to prevent my glasses from bouncing around in my giant handbag. Now I won’t have to worry about breaking them (like I did with my last pair).

Am I happy with my new glasses? The answer is: Very. They fit me perfectly and the frame is exactly what I wanted. I’m wearing them now as I’m typing this post. Don’t want to take them off. When I was out this morning, I got some compliments too from my friends saying the frames make me look cute AND smart. Smart?! Wow! *rolls on the floor laughing*

Here are my glasses again on my bedside table. Even in the dark, they look super cute. Yup, they totally go everywhere with me now, day and night.

And guess what? I notice the Glasses Shop also has prescription sunglasses which is exactly what I need. Now I have to swap my glasses for my sunglasses when I go out in this blazing sun! With prescription sunglasses, I’ll have the best of both worlds. Hmm, definitely going to get myself a pair.

You too can get a new pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses now because I’ve got an exciting offer especially for you, my loyal readers, courtesy of the Glasses Shop. Use the special coupon code – GSHOT50 – to enjoy 50% off all eyeglasses and¬†sunglasses¬†with free lenses online at Go ahead, you know you want to!

I was not compensated in any way for this review. These glasses were sent to me for free by All opinions are entirely my own.

Long days and the deception of work

When my morning alarm goes off, I jump up with a start thinking that I’ve overslept because the sun’s shining so bright it’s like high noon outside. I stumble across to my cell phone at the other side of the room and whew, it’s only 6-ish. To those of us who’re constantly complaining that we don’t have enough hours in a day to get everything done, these unseasonably, incredibly long summer spring days are a dream come true.

Getting an early start knowing you have a full 15 hours of daylight ahead of you is a great feeling. While it’s technically not quite summer yet, Summer seems intent on elbowing Spring swiftly out of the way. And if our air-conditioning weren’t acting up so often, that great feeling might easily be a superlative. Except the darned thing keeps blowing hot air instead of cold.

So between toasty temperatures and cranky AC, we figured we really must do something about it. We did the next best thing: jump in the car and drive to San Francisco to escape the heat. Well, okay, the heat was one thing but our real excuse was the Memorial Day sales. Now if you’re a serious shopaholic, you don’t just stand there doing nothing when it’s raining discounts and promos out there.

Two productive days of retail therapy later, I’m happy to report we have a few, not many bagfuls of spoils to show for our hard work. Shopping is work? You’d better believe it! Do you know how many pairs of jeans I had to try on before I found my one true love? And don’t even get me started on the shoes. Sifting through rack after rack, shelf after shelf, hunting down your size, waiting in line for the fitting room clutching armfuls of clothes, yeah!

But it’s only when you get into the fitting room that’s when the real work (or workout, depending on how you look at it) begins. You’re doing countless squats trying on a pile of jeans and your ankle socks keep coming off with your jeans and you’re doing countless bends to get them back on. At some point, I hear someone saying, to heck with these socks, I’m leaving them off. But not me, I hate stepping on the cold, sandy floor and getting my bare feet dirty… so I keep on keeping on with the battle of the socks!

So yeah, it would seem, and I’m not even going to fault you for thinking, that it’s been all play and no work around here lol. If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you’ll know that around here, the term ‘work’ often takes on meanings that are worlds away from how others may view it.

Peace out… uttered with tongue in cheek.

The end of living dangerously

The end of living dangerously

So okay, enough of living dangerously. Our reality-show-inspired skinny grocery carts of the past two weeks have been interesting but for someone who’s used to stocking up for the Apocalypse on a weekly basis, I’ve been struggling through the week with my finger over the panic button.

Will we have enough food to last the week? Are we going to run out of onions, milk and bread before the next grocery run?

Well, run out of almond milk we did. No milk for cereal? No problem, we can have bread and jam. Oh wait, we’re out of bread too!! And we can’t eat jam by itself. So we ate our cereal dry or, in my case, doused in my morning coffee. How weird is that! Even weirder is that as a mom, I’ve never left us stranded without meals before!

Neck stretched out like a crane’s, desperate for grocery day, couldn’t wait. Came the weekend, we rushed to the store and piled our carts up high. Okay, not that high but high enough that we won’t have to go into panic mode again this week.

Almond milk – double pack, pasta – 3 boxes, yogurt – a big tub. shredded Colby Jack cheese – a big bag and a slab of Parmesan, not shredded,not grated but the real deal (woohoo!). Mushrooms, bananas, pears, tomatoes, onions, cauliflower, broccoli, chicken… now that’s more like it!

The end of living dangerously

And cereal, of course. Did I mention we’re down to our few measly spoonfuls and our oats won’t be arriving till next month? So hurry down the miles of cereal selections we did and I would’ve so picked this.

The end of living dangerously

Mini Wheats have long been my favorite! “Found it!!!” I declared victoriously. “Nope, you don’t want that, Mom. Look at the sugar!” Ooops, in my excitement, I’d only looked at the words, not the picture. Bah humbug! I eyed my Mini Wheats longingly but had to bid them a hasty goodbye.

Instead we picked out something new (to us though new and ever more exciting cereals are coming into the market every time we look) – the Cranberry Almond Crunch – and 2 bags of onion bagels (encore!), eggs, pears and garlic powder. And now we’re all set for the week!

The end of living dangerously

Lessons learned from living dangerously: If we’d been hoping to eat less by buying less, it doesn’t work because all that stress will fire up the appetite of a horse. Okay, fine, we could’ve eaten out but we didn’t want to, that’s all. If we’d been hoping to save money by buying less, it doesn’t work in terms of the time and gas money to run out mid-week for one or two items. So there!

First days of fall and living dangerously

First days of fall and living dangerously

Our grocery cart was pretty empty this weekend. We’ve decided to live dangerously for a change. So here’s our two loaves of multigrain bread, a tray of chicken tenderloins, a bag of those fat, juicy shrimps we used to cook that delicious shrimp scampi pasta, and a box of Bartlett pears.

First days of fall and living dangerously

Seems like the price of strawberries is holding steadier than the exchange rate. So I guess we’re moving from a week of intense watermelon juicing to a week of strawberry-ing and grape-ing. Our goal is to eat as much of these amazing grapes before the season ends and so far, we seem to be doing grape *hick*!

First days of fall and living dangerously

Remember I said we’d go back and have that Vermicelli Bowl which I enjoyed so much. Well, we did. This time, we ordered two Beansprout Vermicelli Bowls, one with the works and the other with only grilled pork. They were delicious but could use way less beansprouts and more noodles. We think we might’ve stuffed ourselves and still had leftovers to take home. Are we such small eaters and didn’t know it?

First days of fall and living dangerously

Fall is making its presence felt but we’re still clinging on to summer. The sun is still unrelenting but temps are down and the wind is picking up. Still I refuse to give up my summer uniform – just yet! On grocery morning, I went out in my cap sleeves and shorts and it was like stepping out into nature’s air-conditioning with the fan blowing. This morning, it was 45F (8C) outside when I threw the windows open. Whoosh, that cold refreshing air. How delicious is this kind of weather.

Last days of summer and this week’s grocery cart

Last days of summer and this week's grocery cart

Here in Hipville, it’s the little things that are highly anticipated and become a big talking point. Like the season change, for instance. Last Thursday was the first day of fall and to make her point, Mother Nature dropped the temps to 75C from 99C the previous day. I guess she was just pranking us ‘cos the temps have since shot back up.

While I don’t like the blazing heat, I’m a little sad that the days are getting shorter. I feel like I can get so much more done when the days are longer. In summer, when I get up in the morning just before 6, the sun is already up and it’s bright outside. Somehow that makes me happy. And even after dinner, there’s still over an hour of sunlight left, and that too makes me feel like hey, I still have time to do the laundry or hang out at my computer. Anyhoo…

Foodwise, this week’s highlight was the big ol’ pot of seafood tomyam I cooked for dinner Friday night. Of late, our meals have been fairly lackluster. It’s basically too hot to cook or eat (although we did make a big batch of Korean roast chicken wings that lasted us 2 meals). I figured this appetizing one-pot meal would be perfect.

Last days of summer and this week's grocery cart

Admittedly, I cheated by using a tomyam mix, not that I’d be so inclined to concoct this from scratch, and frozen shrimp that came all cleaned and deveined. So basically all I did was cut up the carrots, red bell pepper, onion and eggplant, throw in the mix and finish off by adding 4 tilapia fillets and 12 shrimps. We ate half and froze the rest for next week.

Grocery day is a highly anticipated weekly event around here. To me, the best thing is not having to rush out of the house to beat the traffic and be at the mall promptly at 10:00 am to snag a parking spot.

This week, we didn’t buy much. Strawberries are still the same price as last week. Gotta grab a box.

Last days of summer and this week's grocery cart

We grabbed two bags of bagels, cinnamon and onion which we’ve never tried before but it’s really tasty. To add some music to our pasta, we got a bottle of sun-dried tomatoes. I hope they’ll make our pasta get up and dance. We also got some party wings, and omg, that pop-in-the-oven tempura that’s so crispy and delicious it beats even the eat-out version.

And yup, you see ’em, don’t you? Those two humongous bags of… junk food!! Ouch, you caught us red-handed!!! Imagine how many times we have to run around Planet Earth to rid ourselves of the guilt and calories yo!

Last days of summer and this week's grocery cart

Nah, don’t be silly, there’s no guilt in eating something you love once in a while. And that nonsense about exercising extra hard the next day to take off the guilt and calories you piled on today, surely you don’t believe that. We-ell, it’d be nice if we could put everything on our fat suit today, peel it off and be miraculously slim again tomorrow lol – but that’s not how it works. So stay calm while we eat ’em amazing potato chips!!!

Last days of summer and this week's grocery cart

We ate one whole bag of these chips last week and they were crazy tasty! We notice Costco sells these ‘limited edition goodies’ for a short while and then they’re gone. We would be sad, very sad if we never saw these again. So those two bags we just bought, we’ll be squirreling them away into deep winter storage and we won’t be touching them till we run out of almonds and walnuts. Promise! *chuckles*

Labor Day shopping expedition

Labor Day shopping expedition

After lunch in Carmel, the only thing we could think of was shopping. Yes, the Labor Day sales in Gilroy were calling and we couldn’t wait to get started. We’ve been holding off all retail therapy for months waiting for this!

We did go a little crazy though. Wait, a lot crazy especially when we burst in and saw this…

Labor Day shopping expedition

… and this *rubs hands together with glee*.

Labor Day shopping expedition

We were dashing in and out of the outlet stores scooping up armfuls of clothing and making a beeline for the fitting rooms. Disgraceful, isn’t it? But there was no time to waste. The monsters (no, not those monsters! I have a brood of non-conformists) have been unleashed. We spent the entire afternoon hard at work, stopping only for the occasional bathroom break and dinner, of course (more on that in my next post).

You know, the thing about this trip is that we didn’t have our guys tagging along which kinda meant we could take our time and not have to feel bad for keeping them waiting. Guys don’t shop like us. They rush into the store, glance around, spot something they like, briefly throw it on, it fits? okay, they grab all the available colors and vrooom, they’re right up there at checkout! And they’re done and wondering why the heck we’re taking so long!! Can you relate? Tell me you can.

Ya so we were at liberty to be fickle-minded and make a second round to the same stores to have another look around in case we missed anything the first time. I know, and this is exactly what we call shopping. A girl can’t be expected to make up her mind instantly. She has to run stuff through her Sorting Hat, ask her girlfriends for a second opinion, ya know, and wonder which color looks better on herself.

And so we went back after dinner and by then, the sky was dark and the temps had dipped. Still we saw no reason to let that stop us from carrying on… um, till closing time! Goodnight for now, we’ll be back tomorrow!

Labor Day shopping expedition

New eyeglasses from Firmoo

New eyeglasses from Firmoo

Okay, so I’ve been long overdue for a new pair of eyeglasses but between the hectic days and the usual dose of procrastination, this whole idea never quite got off the ground. Along comes offering to send me a pair of glasses for review, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

So I set off on my mission. Yup, I could literally spend hours browsing through Firmoo’s amazing collection of fashionable eyeglasses and sunglasses for men and women, and I did! I do this every time! If you’re guessing that this isn’t my first time ordering from them, you’re right. The fun part is you can upload your photo to try on your frames, and actually see how each one looks on you.

And each frame comes with detailed measurements of the lens width, length height, bridge distance and even the temple size so you can easily compare frame sizes. I usually shortlist like a ton of frames and then spend the next few days “trying them on”. It’s hard to decide when you like almost everything, you know!! I think it’s a girrrl thing? *wink*

Well, my package finally arrived in the mail over the weekend – ta-daa! – and inside was a hard case and a drawstring pouch. Love the storage options especially when I travel. But if I were to be completely honest, I would’ve preferred the hard case to be a more funky color like magenta or neon green maybe? Brown is so not my color but…


I’m really loving my hipster frame though! It’s the perfect size for my face and it makes me look every bit the hip mom that I am too (lol)!


Inside the black pouch, I found a little surprise – a mini screwdriver on a key ring. Just what I need! The one I used to have in my bag went missing on one of my travels and I’ve been wanting a replacement ever since. The best part is this came free with my order.


So am I happy with my new glasses? You betcha. They are so lightweight sometimes I forget I’m even wearing them. The frame is super cute, and the lenses come with anti-reflection and anti-UV coatings. Love!!

Okay, so enough about my glasses. Let’s talk about getting you a new pair. is offering new customers 15% off all frames on their entire site. You can grab the coupon code from their 15% off page and remember, new arrivals are updated every day.

I received a pair of free eyeglasses from to facilitate my review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.

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