Free eyeglasses from Firmoo

Free eyeglasses from Firmoo

I was thrilled to be asked by to pick out a pair of eyeglasses that they would send to me for free. It’s such a coincidence that lately I’ve been thinking maybe it’d be neat to add a touch of nerdy fun to my look.

Okay, time to get fashionable here. Firmoo offers hundreds of stylish yet affordable frames. Quite frankly, I was stumped by the choices and didn’t know which one to choose. Luckily they have a Virtual Try-on System where I could upload my photo and “try on” the frames I liked. Pure genius! I had hours of fun trying on all the different frames.

That done, I couldn’t wait for my package to arrive. Within days, my glasses arrived in this lovely hard case, and a soft case as well.

And inside was the pair of glasses I ordered, SDA207. Taa-daa!

Pretty neat, huh? I love it!

I seem to recall ordering the black frame though. Somehow this frame seems to bear a dark bluish tinge instead. But no big deal, blue is good too. Black seems to be a very popular color but I kinda like to be different. So I’m happy. I think blue looks pretty good on me 😀 .

Hey, listen, how does a free pair of glasses sound to you? Whether you need prescription glasses, or simply want a pair of fashion glasses to complete your look, just go grab Firmoo’s free eyewear to first-time buyers. Yes, it’s completely free of charge and I just know you’re going to enjoy picking out a pair for yourself.

I was not compensated in any way for this review. These glasses were sent to me for free by All opinions are entirely my own.

Why buy when you can rent college textbooks?

Why buy when you can rent college textbooks?

Books don’t come cheap these days. That’s why we limit our book purchases to sale periods. Even then, it’s not possible to do that for college books. For those of us with kids in college, there’s really no running away from buying text books which typically run anywhere from $50 to $200 each.

Thankfully, there’s a more cost-effective option out there where your kids (and mine) can rent college textbooks at a fraction of what bookstores charge. At Campus Book Rentals, you can save from 40-90% off bookstore prices. Plus you get free shipping both ways. Now that’s definitely music to my ears.

Renting periods are flexible too. For instance, rental for this book costs only $14.55 for a semester, or $13.24 for a quarter, and you can vary the length of your rental or even choose to purchase the book outright later and only pay the difference in price.

For my kids, the best part is they can highlight in these textbooks which makes it so much easier for last minute cramming. What’s even more notable is that for each textbook that you rent, Campus Book Rentals donates to Operation Smile, an organization that has sponsored over 1,000 life-saving cleft lip surgeries this year to children in need.

If you, your child or someone you know is attending college and would like to take advantage of the savings that Campus Book Rentals offers, go check out more details of how to rent. Anything to beat the high cost of going to college, right? 😉

Tips for buying maternity clothes trimester by trimester

Purchasing maternity clothes is an inevitable part of being pregnant. You are already busy with all of the other tasks you will need to accomplish before your baby is born. Don’t despair. It’s easier than ever before to purchase maternity clothes that are both stylish and comfortable, and to find a variety of maternity clothes that can be used for any occasion.

During your first trimester, your may be experiencing fatigue and/or “morning sickness.” The last thing you may want to do is to shop for maternity clothes. Fortunately, your baby is only the size of a lima bean at this stage, which means your body will not have changed much during this time (although you may need a new, larger-sized bra during the first trimester).

It’s always a good idea to get a head start so that you’re not scrambling to come up with a wardrobe at the last minute. Shopping for maternity wear online will make this task much easier. When you can kick back and peruse your options from the comfort of your home, you may find that shopping for maternity clothes can be a lot of fun! You may want to check out .

You are likely to feel a lot better during the second trimester. This is also the time when you will begin to show, and will begin donning your new maternity clothing. Keep in mind that the clothes that you purchase for your second trimester of pregnancy can be worn again after delivery of your baby. As you are working toward getting back to your pre-pregnancy body shape, your second trimester maternity wear will once again fit you. So, think of the clothes that you purchase for your second trimester as an investment.

Your third trimester is when your maternity wear wardrobe should be in full swing. If you’re on a budget, purchase just a few pairs of pants and skirts that you can mix and match with a variety of maternity tops. Keep in mind that you can accessorize casual tops so that they can also be worn to more formal occasions.

Don’t forget about maternity active wear. Exercise during pregnancy will keep you in great shape in addition to boosting your energy levels and your overall mood. Whether you enjoy yoga or any other physical activity, you will find maternity active wear that is fashionable and keeps you comfortable during exercise. With the right maternity wear, you will be prepared for any occasion, no matter what stage of pregnancy you are in.

Finding the right pair of eyeglasses…

Finding the right pair of eyeglasses...

… isn’t always easy. Neither does it come cheap. Unless you know exactly where to go to get the best deals on your eyeglasses?

Trust me, if you’ve got kids who wear glasses, the last thing you want to do is spend a fortune every year when they need new glasses. And then you find yourself on this merry-go-round in search of those elusive glasses “that won’t make me look lame, Mom”. Turns out nerdy is the new cool, peeps!

While looking nerdily cool is top priority for my kids, what’s important to moms like me is finding cheap eyeglasses with high quality frames and lenses that will survive those nasty little accidents that somehow only happens to teens.

Okay, on to the good stuff. You can save a whopping 50% off any pair of prescription eyeglasses or sunglass frames available storewide at‘s Spring Savings Sale. Plus you get to enjoy free shipping by using the code – SPRING50FS – at checkout.

If you miss this sale, which I hope you won’t, all is not lost. Just for you, my darling readers, you can save 10% off any order of prescription glasses simply by using the code – Blog10 – at checkout. GlassesUSA’s has a huge range of the latest styles of frames, and even prescription sunglasses (just in time for summer) for the entire family, and they offer the lowest price guarantee around.

To ensure you and your family look like rock stars, you can try on any pair of glasses online using this virtual mirror feature on the site before you order… just to be sure it’s the perfect fit for you. If your kids are anything like mine, they’ll be spending hours trying out every single pair… and the choices are endless. You’ve been warned 😉 !

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