Skyfall, the sky is not the only thing that fell

Okay, so we decided to make a movie night of Skyfall, the latest Daniel Craig Bond movie. Actually it turned out to be 3 movie nights because we fell asleep halfway through the first 2 nights and had to finish up the rest of the movie on the third night.

When you watch a Bond movie, you come to expect certain things. I’m used to Bond being dashing, debonair and dignified. Think Pierce Brosnan. Clean shaven and immaculately dressed, he is a smooth talker and infallible superspy who flaunts high-tech gadgets, never breaks a sweat and has women dropping at his feet like flies.

Along comes a stubbled Bond with disheveled hair and not so suave who spends more time chasing or being chased and sweating it out than strutting into a room and surprising the heck out of the enemy with his fancy gadgets. And the only two women in the movie were hardly your regular slinky, sexy Bond bombshells. It’s a whole different Bond.

Then, there’s Q. Looks like he fell into the fountain of youth. How on earth did the tall and stately Q become a skinny Korean-looking dude with a bad haircut? Shocking!

And Moneypenny. Since when did Moneypenny become a field agent chasing and shooting at bad guys? I seem to remember her as the demure secretary who flirted discreetly with Bond whenever he dropped by the office.

Can you see where I’m going with this?

Sadly, even Skyfall’s movie plot had us scratching our heads. Excuse me but how did the chase for a disk containing a list of names that must never see the light of day become the villain’s witch hunt for M? Yes, M, the somewhat unlikely little old lady who is, or was, Bond’s boss? Did I fall asleep and miss something here?

After waiting 2 nights for Bond to reveal a swanky watch that can set off deadly bombs a mile away, or an unassuming pen that can launch missiles from out of nowhere, only to see him attempt to fight off an army of baddies with his father’s ancient shotgun! Heck, even his Aston Martin went up in smoke!

Where is Double O Seven as we know him? 😯

What’s the rush?

City people are always in a rush, it seems. I don’t know where they’re rushing to or why they’re even rushing sometimes. They just do. Even when there’s absolutely no reason to.

On the way out of the restaurant after this dinner, we were practically mowed down by this young father who comes barging down the narrow restaurant aisle wheeling his baby stroller straight at us!

There are tables and chairs, and diners on both sides of the aisle. But he didn’t even blink! There didn’t seem to be any sort of emergency. But who knows? Clearly this guy was on a mission!

For a split second, we stood frozen in shock as he continued his stampede towards us. Let’s face it, there was just no stopping him!! He was bent on flattening toes and sending little old women (the few in front of us) flying in all directions.

There was no time to warn anyone. We barely saved our own toes.

Stomach flu

It’s been one of those nights *sigh*! Hip2bDaughter2 and I woke up at 2:30 am last night with stomach flu. I dare say the culprit was the yogurt we had at dinner that some irresponsible shopper had probably changed their mind about buying and left anywhere but the frozen section, and the store person had stupidly placed it back on the shelf, and I had unknowingly bought it.

We’ve had this experience with milk before on a number of occasions. So I have a pretty good idea how we ended with this horrible bout of stomach flu. We barely got any sleep last night and we barely could hold anything down all day today. Now I’m starting to get that uneasy feeling that I am going to be sick again.

Picky Eater’s Approved Restaurant List

Picky Eater's Approved Restaurant List

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that we have our very own Picky Eater’s Approved Restaurant List, or PEARL, for short. It’s a list of the restaurants whose food pass our taste test. Lately we’ve had to strike a few names off our PEARL list due to deteriorating food quality, decreasing portions and prices creeping up behind our backs. Not naming any names here.

Eager, almost desperate, to find new places to eat, we looked online for recommendations and well, let’s just say we were sorely disappointed. For instance, we went to this Chinese restaurant that folks were raving about, all set to chow down on some delicious roast duck and look what they served us – duck bones!!

So to heck with those. We’ll take our chances with a few random places we’ve picked out ourselves. And man, did we find some ‘pearls’! Like this unassuming corner eatery where we found these super delicious barbecue pork puffs.

pork puffs

I love this stir-fried seafood noodles in herbal sauce with succulent pieces of fish, squid and the freshest shrimps (which is pretty rare). The sauce has a slight sweetness that made me drink it up till the last drop. Drinking sauce? Yeah, it’s that good.

Chicken chop with fries… and rice? Don’t ask me what’s with rice and fries sitting next to each other on the same plate, I don’t understand it either. But Hip2bDaughter2 loves this.

So slowly but surely, we are populating our PEARL list again… and that can’t be a bad thing. Looking forward to the weekend, as always, and more new eateries to explore.

Oh precious Sundays

Our weekends are not the same any more. Instead of 2 days, we have Sunday-only weekends now. Which is a pain. As if weekends aren’t short enough. No thanks to our unapologetic neighbor who is doing some major work on his home.

He calls it remodeling, I call it bringing the house down!! The incessant pounding, drilling and grinding goes on. all. day. long. from morn till dusk. It’s INSANE!

We can’t watch videos. We can’t watch TV. Even with the volume on max, all we can do is lip-read. We can’t even have a conversation because we can’t hear ourselves. We’re down to hand gestures, lipsync-ing and mind-reading. Let me just say this. It doesn’t work very well!

Pounding, drilling, grinding SO LOUD it’s driving the entire neighborhood up the wall! I’m not kidding. Do the math. If that infernal racket is going on for 6 days, all day, from 8 till 6, how much is there left of the weekend?

You got it. Only Sundays. Sundays are our only day of peace and quiet, literally. It’s our only day to sleep just a wee bit. You guessed it, our baking Sundays have come to an abrupt end. No electric mixers, no blenders, nothing that makes more than a beep please. We just want one quiet day a week. Is that too much to ask??!

Oh gawd, is it Monday again today??!!

Tell me it’s Sunday, please!!

No magic in this movie

No magic in this movie

Seems like the only time we eat popcorn is at the movies.


Yes, we were at the movies yesterday. We happened to have a couple of free tickets to waste so we went to watch of all movies “Loopers”. Sci-fi and time travel? Sounds a bit iffy but we figured how bad can it be with Bruce Willis in it, right?


It’s probably the worst movie we’ve seen all year. And we’ve watched like 2 cinema movies this whole year. So you can imagine 🙄 . By the second scene – tops, I had completely switched off. Plugging my ears with my fingers, I sat back and tried to catch a few winks BUT …

… the volume was so deafening, the random booms that went off made us jump out of our seats. Here we were, hoping to escape the unbearable construction noise from next door and the level of ear-popping was even worse here!! Many times worse!!

How’s that?? Seriously do movies have to be this LOUD?

Wokay, THAT’S IT! A half hour in and we upped and walked out!!

Went home, popped a bag of what else popcorn into the microwave and had ourselves a little tea party to calm those frayed nerves. The sound of those corn kernels popping was like music… if we could hear above the deafening din from next door, that is 🙄 !

When do you stop calling your kids “kids”?

I wrote in an email to someone that I only ate a tiny bit of cake and let my kids finish the rest. Nothing wrong with that, I didn’t think… until I got a quizzical reply back that it’s funny I still call Hip2bDaughters “kids”.

O.kay? 🙄

So what should I call them?

I tried substituting various other possible words but none of them sound quite as endearing. I’ve always called my kids “my kids” and I suspect I will continue to call them that for as long as they’re MY KIDS 🙄 . What else would I call them otherwise.. they ARE my kids after all, at ANY age, no?

To me, it’s so obvious that the word “kids” means offspring. But to many folks, the word “kids” is only applicable to little children and then as those little children grow, they simply become your “children”. Maybe they studied a different brand of English than I did.

Actually I’m sure they did. And you know how I know? Because I’ve met so many folks who try to correct me when I say “I dropped Hip2bDaughter1 off at school” and they go, “You mean, at college?”.

Yes, of course I meant college, isn’t a college a school?

And when I say “Steev is away at school”, they are quick to insist, “You mean, at university?”.

Yes, of course I meant university, isn’t a university a school?

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