Very Strawberry Week

Very Strawberry Week

Who cares if Brangelina is breaking up? We’re having a Very Strawberry Week here! We saw strawberries at irresistible prices last weekend so we hogged two 2lb boxes of these babies at $2.99 per box. Ya, I had nothing better to do got curious and decided to count how many strawberries there are. There’s around 48 in each box Wooo!

Very Strawberry Week

So what does one do with like 100 strawberries? First off, we started chomping them. That’s obvious! But it was too much to eat since we have a lot of other fruits on the agenda.

These strawberries were sweet and firm but after a couple of days, I noticed a few, mostly the ones at the bottom, were getting a bit soft. Those are the sweetest ones, don’t throw them away! You can juice them like I did.

Very Strawberry Week

Then Hip2bDaughter1 had a brainwave and suggested baking a couple of batches of strawberry crumble muffins. Yeah, why not? After all, we have enough flour in the house to start a mini bakery. They were on sale for $1 per 2lb bag so yes sir, yes sir, Baa Baa Black Sheep hogged 3 bagfuls.

Very Strawberry Week

I won’t lie. I like seeing seasonal price changes where prices actually do come down every so often, so you won’t feel like your wallet got ripped and now there’s a huge hole in it. I mean, who doesn’t love a bargain? Well, I can’t speak for everyone but from the perspective of a mom with kids, I’m in for sure!

The day we had to wash the dishes

The day we had to wash the dishes

… well, almost. It’s happened before. I couldn’t believe it was happening again. It felt like deja vue.

So we decided to do fish and chips again for lunch. It’s the place where we practically have a table with our name on it. The entrance is by the open kitchen and when the chef sees us coming in, he always gives us double the order at NO extra charge.

The weather was gorgeous (isn’t it always?), just perfect for my short walk out to meet the kids. The girls were coming from college, and my son was joining us after his workout at the gym. We order 2-piece cod dinners and the chef sends us each 4 pieces of cod, as always. I kid you not! #wonthappeninthethirdworld


What started out as a wonderful lunch of chitchat and laughter became a heart-stopper when it came time to call for the check. My daughter looked in her wallet and declared she’d left her cards at home. Oh well, no problem, my son should have his, right? Wrong. I don’t usually bring my wallet to the gym, he declared. My youngest didn’t have her wallet on her either. Now all eyes were on me. I’d happily skipped out of the house empty-handed on the assumption that at least someone would have money.

Just great! I could see us crammed into that tiny kitchen, sleeves rolled up and elbow-deep in greasy dishes, working off our 4 pieces of cod. What a laugh!

Oh wait, says my daughter eyeing the notes in her wallet. Okay, I’ve got 40 bucks here… no, wait, it’s 30, not 40. How about coins? we chimed, count the coins quick!

She shook every last penny from her wallet and I tossed in the few coins from my pocket which amounted to a grand total of 4 dollars and some cents. We bit our nails as she laid them all out on the table and counted, and recounted… and we were out by oh, just a teeny bit only something like 15 bucks! 😯

We eat there often enough to know the bill would come to around $50. Uh-oh, we’re going to have to wash dishes, Mom!! someone burst out. Yup, either that or some of us would have to go home for the money. Good thing it’s only a 15-minute walk home and it wasn’t raining that day. We were saved!

Yeah, the Leave-our-wallets-at-home Syndrome has struck again! One of these days, we might just end up washing dishes 😆 . So tell me, has this ever happened to you?

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Sunday Shopping – Back to School Sales

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how to save money on groceries?

We got to eat, right? But how do we keep that grocery bill from blowing itself to Mars? Here are some tips:

Use grocery coupons.

Stock up on items that are on sale.

Make a list of non-essentials and wait for the sale.

Don’t buy on impulse. Make a shopping list and stick to it.

Now it’s your turn. Feel free to share your tips.

how to save money at the movies?

Me and the kids have been watching a number of movies lately. Okay, we’re movie freaks! We love going to the cinema but that can get pretty expensive for the 4 or 5 of us. So mostly we try to watch movies at home where we can pretty much just spread ourselves out all over the living room and crunch snacks till we pop.

But when we do go to the cinema, there’s a couple of things we do to save money:

Go on a day when they’re offering special rates. Even better, these are usually the slow days when you practically have the whole cinema to yourself 😆 .

Bring our own bottled water and snacks. Well, okay, you may have to smuggle it in depending on what kind of monsters you meet at the gate.

I’m slow today, can’t think of any more. Got any of your own movie-going tips to share?

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